Terrelle Pryor: A New Ohio State Buckeye

Sean StancillSenior Writer IMarch 19, 2008

The most sought after and No. 1 recruit in the nation has finally made his decision. Terrelle Pryor will be an Ohio State Buckeye in 2008.

After looking at dozens of schools, Pryor narrowed the field down to four: Ohio State, Oregon, Michigan, and Penn State.

He then brought the choices down to two.  It was between Ohio State and Michigan.

A smart decision by Pryor, as many will compare him to the likes of former Ohio State Heisman winner and current Baltimore Ravens' quarterback Troy Smith

Pryor went to Pennsylvania High where he was successful in basketball and football. He was given direction by NFL veteran Charlie Batch and made the most of his time with his mentor.

It was at Pennsylvania High where he compiled the monster numbers which earned him the No. 4 ranking in ESPN's Top 150.

In his senior season, he threw for 1,790 yards and 21 touchdowns and rushed for 1,901 yards and 33 touchdowns (13.4 per carry).

At 6'6" and 230 pounds, Terrelle will not be in any danger next year with his quick, strong legs, (4.3-4.4 speed) and will be heavily protected as Ohio State traditionally has a stout offensive line.

Terrelle Pryor will have a good career and should be fun to watch in a Buckeye uniform.