Ranking the 4 Remaining MLB Fanbases by Passion, Intensity

Mark MillerCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2012

Ranking the 4 Remaining MLB Fanbases by Passion, Intensity

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    Fans for the four remaining playoff teams are in the midst of the best part of the year, a time when they can take their passion to a whole new level, making their team an everyday part of their life.

    When the stakes are raised in postseason play, their demeanor oftentimes goes in the same direction of their team, boasting happiness during the good times and bitter anger when things go awry.

    There is a fine line between passion and arrogance, and while it would be easy for fans on the losing end to call the others arrogant, you can't knock a fan for having such a strong allegiance to their own.

    There isn't any tangible way to measure the passion of a franchise's fanbase, so it's a highly subjective matter.

    Nevertheless, it's always possible to speculate on what might be able to shed light on the remaining fanbases.

4. San Francisco Giants

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    World Champions just two years ago, the San Francisco Giants fans came riding high into the 2011 season as they looked for a repeat performance.

    Injuries and decreased productivity brought the fans back to earth as they were on the outside looking in last year, but after a strong comeback against the Cincinnati Reds after falling 2-0 in the NLDS, a fuse has been re-ignited in San Francisco.

    They rank the highest of the remaining teams in terms of attendance (pct. of capacity) and have a great track record for success that brings out the best in fans' confidence.


    World Series Championships: 6

    2012 Attendance: 3,377,371

    81-Game Average: 41,695

    Attendance Rank: 3rd

3. Detroit Tigers

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    After knocking off the New York Yankees in the ALDS last postseason, Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland had fans in the Motor City thinking a championship could feasibly be heading back to town.

    Things didn't go as planned as they ended up falling just short against the Texas Rangers, though they're back in a big way this time around, and there's plenty of signs pointing to a trip to the fall classic this time around.

    With a 2-0 lead over the Yankees in this year's ALCS, Comerica Park will no doubt be rockin' on Tuesday night as Justin Verlander looks to give the Tigers a shot at a series sweep in game 4.


    World Series Championships: 4

    2012 Attendance: 3,028,033

    81-Game Average: 37,383

    Attendance Rank: 5th

2. St. Louis Cardinals

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    The St. Louis Cardinals are a franchise that is entrenched in history. With 11 World Championships under their belt, it's that very history that drives the passion of the current fanbase. 

    These fans are supportive of their team in a way that's not always seen, though it doesn't climb to the level of arrogance we see in other franchises.

    After climbing back from a 6-0 deficit in Game 5 of the NLDS against the Washington Nationals, Cardinals fans once again saw that it's never really over for St. Louis, a motto they embodied during their championship run just a year ago.


    World Series Championships: 11

    2012 Attendance: 3,262,109

    81-Game Average: 40,272

    Attendance Rank: 4th

1. New York Yankees

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    Fans in Yankee Stadium are widely regarded as some of the most verbally abusive in all of baseball. Not to say that pride in your team is a bad thing but the bleacher creatures take things to another level.

    With the biggest payroll in baseball on an annual basis and far and away the most championships in the league (27), fans have plenty of reason to show as much passion as they do.

    Having only one title under their belt in the last 10 years the Yankees may have actually underperformed by their standards, and the 2-0 deficit they face at the hands of the Detroit Tigers can only fuel the passionate nature of the Yankees faithful.


    World Series Championships: 27

    2012 Attendance: 3,542,406

    81-Game Average: 43,733

    Attendance Rank: 6th