UFC 153 Results: 5 Fights for Dave Herman to Take Next

Scott Harris@ScottHarrisMMAMMA Lead WriterOctober 15, 2012

UFC 153 Results: 5 Fights for Dave Herman to Take Next

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    At UFC 153, Dave Herman might have suffered his last loss in the UFC Octagon. Before, during and after the fight, plenty was made about Herman's statement that jiu-jitsu didn't "work" on him.

    Well, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira made him eat those words with a second-round armbar submission, and in so doing may have robbed Herman of his final shred of appeal.

    The loss was Herman's third straight and brings his record to 21-5 overall and 1-3 in the UFC. Will he hang on in the UFC? Will he catch on with another promotion? Here are five fights that cover both possibilities.  

5. Oli Thompson

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    Former strongman Oli Thompson has dropped two straight in the UFC. Thompson and Herman both have plenty of raw physical talent and decent name recognition. A loser-leaves-town match between these two could enliven any cable TV card.

4. Christian Morecraft

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    Another two-time loser, Christian Morecraft is coming off a Fight of the Night performance, though it was a loss to Pat Barry. Morecraft isn't the most electrifying fighter, but he is game and would determine whether Herman really is UFC material.

3. Sean McCorkle

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    Sean McCorkle received his walking papers from the UFC some time ago, but found a relatively soft landing in Bellator and other promotions. A Bellator matchup between these two entertaining heavyweights would have the added bonus that McCorkle has pledged to retire if he loses again in embarrassing fashion.  

2. Eric Prindle

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    Why not? Actually, the sad part is that Prindle is a top-10 heavyweight in Bellator. Easy. Imagine the kind of run Dave Herman could make in that promotion. It could be magical!

    And hey, if a few groin-crushing axe kicks find their way into the equation, so much the better.

    Said the guy watching from his couch.

1. Tournament...and the Title?

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    Why not bring in Herman as a substitute or special addition or something to the Bellator heavyweight tournament going on right now? With champion Cole Konrad retired and, uh, not a great deal of prospect excitement at heavyweight, the tournament and the promotion could use the kind of talent and interest infusion that Herman could bring. I'm sure if they wanted to do it, they could figure out a way to get it done.