Buccaneers Get a Blowout: Thanks Chiefs, They Needed You

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IOctober 14, 2012

Ronde Barber came up with with a little help from E.J. Biggers.
Ronde Barber came up with with a little help from E.J. Biggers.Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Thanks, Kansas City.

Come back anytime, Chiefs.

The Bucs needed you on Sunday and you showed up, you came through.

The Buccaneers needed to learn to close and they closed this one in a big way at Raymond James. Man did they close it.

This was a nervous one for 30 minutes. At 7-3, the Bucs were their usual low-scoring selves and the Chiefs were their usual lower-scoring selves.

Then came the second half and all hell broke loose if you're a Chiefs fan. If you're a Bucs fan, well, they simply shook down the thunder, didn't they? Try 38-10 on for size. It fits, it works, it looks good, doesn't it. Tastes even better.

Josh Freeman stepped up and he became the man you want him to be. When this massacre was over, he had thrown for better than 300 yards and three touchdowns and had a quarterback rating of 124.7. Let's say that again for the Freeman haters—three touchdowns, 318 yards and a rating of 124.7.

And this was a Chiefs defense that was supposed to be pretty good. 

The Chiefs were supposed to pound the Buc defense with Jamaal Charles, the league's leading rusher. At least he was before he found only 40 yards against the Buc front seven. Kudos to Brian Cox, the "front seven" coach.

Greg Schiano finally got to pound the football in the second half. Doug Martin and LeGarrette Blount did what they were supposed to do. They combined for 134 yards. They ground the Chiefs into the turf at Raymond James. Martin had his longest run of the year and his longest pass reception; he caught two from Freeman for 55 yards.

That's the way this is supposed to look. Thanks Kansas City, you were a big help.

Perhaps the Chiefs thought they might have some fun in the air with Aqib Talib, the Bucs' resident knucklehead, suspended on Saturday for the next four weeks.

Not so fast, my friend. 

E.J. Biggers helped start the landslide when he tipped a Brady Quinn pass into the waiting arms of Ronde Barber and you know the rest. Barber went 78 yards for a pick-six.

Speaking of Quinn, if Kansas City fans thought he'd be the savior, well, see you in April at the draft when you take a quarterback in the first round.

Quinn helped the Buccaneer cause with that pick and another that Mark Barron stole.

We've saved the best for last and that would be Mike Williams, Vincent Jackson and Tiquan Underwood.

Can you say circus catches? Williams is the ring-master and V-Jax came up with two touchdown catches. Underwood came up big when he was needed. Do we finally have a third receiver?

Williams, minus his Grizzly Adams beard, went over the 100-yard mark for the second straight game.

Before we go, another word about the defense.

That defense got the job done. That has the nicest sound to it, doesn't it. The defense got the job done. They got it done despite the fact they spent most of the first half on the field.

They jumped on Jamaal Charles and they crushed the Mighty Quinn.

On this afternoon, there would be no touchdowns by the Kansas City offense.

It was a shutout, save that special teams bungle when Michael Koenin's punt was blocked and he tried to become the second coming of Garo Yepremian. That's the only way the Chiefs were able to scratch out a touchdown.

It was a complete and total domination.

And yes, the Bucs needed this win. They really needed it.

Thanks, Kansas City.

Ya'll come back soon.