Maryse And Melina Left Me Wanting More

Christi LottCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

Last night on RAW we saw only the second champion vs. champion match in the women's division as Women's Champion Melina took on Diva's Champion Maryse. While the first match between Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool was basically a squash match, this was anything but. The two gelled well together and seemed to have really good chemistry. The kicking attacks to start off the match were good and showed different sides to each diva. Maryse busted out a new variation of her unique camel clutch manuever, sitting back on her rear and bending Melina backwards, even applying a heel move by pulling her hair. Melina got back into the match with a hard slap and continued with some nice kicks and moves in the corner. Maryse won thanks to catching Melina off guard and dropping her on her head.

Although they basically only got 2 minutes, it was a really good two minutes. This was much better than the bad match Maryse had with Eve last week and Melina looked much better than she has against Beth. Both needed new competition and got it out of each other. Melina was good against someone with the personality she used to have, as well as being against someone that makes her look like a veteran. Maryse looked good against someone with a similar style, as well as looking like she can outsmart them. The match definitely left me wanting to see more of the two of them one on one. It's disappointing that this ridiculous 25 diva Battle Royal is happening and is going to take away from what Maryse and Melina can do one on one. It's a rarity to say that you wanted the Divas to get more time and wouldn't mind seeing two of them continue a feud, but it can definitely be said in this case.