If I Ran The WWE: Raw Week 2

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMarch 10, 2009

Last Week Recap: Stone Cold is announced as GM of Raw and the first Hall of Famer in the Class of 2009.

Kane became the No. 1 contender for CM Punk's Intecontinental Title, Rey Mysterio makes MITB, Priceless puts their MITB slots on the line after beating Cryme Tyme thanks to Stone Cold, and Jericho and Batista are now a team. What? Finally, JBL says he has a big announcement.

Raw is in Boston, Massachusetts, as the show opens with HBK's music.

Shawn Michaels walks down to the ring with a purpose.

HBK: I am here to announce that next week on Raw, The Undertaker and I will be signing a contract for our WrestleMania XXV match so that no one can stop this match from happening. Undertaker, I want the streak and you know why. I am the Showstopper, the Heart Break Kid, the Main Event, Mr. WrestleMania, and I will guarantee victory or leave Raw forever.

Raw goes to commercial.

Cole: You just heard Shawn Michaels promise to leave Raw if he loses at WrestleMania XXV.


Priceless vs. ?

Priceless comes out ready and waits for its opponents.

Stone Cold music is played

Austin:  I thought about who could be your opponents for tonight's match, and I thought even midgets could beat y'all man you are so damn horrible, but I called up a couple of people to open a can of woopass with Priceless's name on it.

New music plays as two masked men enter the ring.

The masked men, dressed in all black, get ready for the match. Masked Man No. 1 puts DiBiase in a headlock as he controls the first quarter of the match. Masked Man No. 2 gets in the ring after a tag and starts doing these crazy moves in the ring until he is hit from behind by Cody Rhodes's closed fist. All four wrestlers are in the ring.

We go back to commercials.

We come back to both masked men doing moves at the exact same time, as they get ready to drop elbows across the hearts of Priceles. They connect on the elbows. After a minute, Masked Man No. 2 throws DiBiase out of the ring, and Masked Man No. 2 does a back flip to the outside. Then, Masked Man No. 1 kicks Rhodes in the midsection. He then puts his arm around his belly and flips Rhodes frontwards. One, two, three, and the masked team gets the victory.

Winner: Masked Team

After the match, Priceless walks up the ramp and, like many of the fans, watches the masked men slowly take off their masks. The lights go out and when the lights go back on, the masks are the only thing in the ring.

Show goes to commercial.



Mickie James vs. Rosa Mendes w/ Beth Phoenix

Mickie James dominates in the beginning, but when Beth interferes, she gets caught up on the ropes with Mickie. She gets kissed again by Mickie and has a funny look on her face as Rosa gets the roll-up. Mickie kicks out at two, reverses the roll-up, and gets the pin.

Again, we go back to commercials.

A hghlight video of past WrestleManias are shown on the screen to promote WrestleMania 25.

Lillian Garcia announces that it is time for the Intercontinental Title Match.


CM Punk vs. Kane Intercontinental Title Match

CM Punk comes out to a large pop and Kane comes out to some sort of pyrotechnics. The match gets started with CM Punk throwing some hay makers that do not affect Kane as Kane throws Punk outside the ring. Then he follows him outside as he works on the midsection of Punk, who cannot get any offense going until he takes something out of his tights. He hits Kane with it and knocks him out cold, the ref counts out Kane as Punk gets the victory.

Winner: CM Punk by count out

After the match, Kane gets up and goes to Cole. He says that he has a surprise for the world to see on Raw next week.

Raw goes to commercial

Rey Mysterio vs. William Regal

Rey gets the best pop of the night as he gets ready to take on Regal. As the bell rings, Regal sucker punches the ref and gets disqualified, as Rey wins the match just like that. Again, Regal walks out and looks back with a sad look on his face, but as he keeps going up the ramp, the lights go out again. After about 25 seconds, the lights come back on with Regal laid out on the ramp. Rey looks around for the culprit for the second straight week.

Lawler: I have just been informed that The Game is in the building.

JBL comes out and says that Boston is not good enough to hear his announcement, and he will tell the wrestling world his secret next week. He goes on to say, "But for tonight, you fans are (interrupted)."

Jericho and Batista come out and stop JBL

Jericho: I have watched you JBL, and I have watched you good [sic]. I want you to join us as me and Batista are going to take over the wrestling world. We want you to be a part of it. What do you say?

JBL: Jericho and Batista, hell no. If you think that I would join your stupid little group, you are crazy or just out of you damn mind. How do you even know that you can trust one another. I mean you hate each other, and I couldn't trust neither of y'all, so "hell no!" to both of you.

Jericho and Batista leave to a lot of heat, and JBL walks out to a huge pop.

Raw goes to commercial.

Lawler is in the ring as he announces the next inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Wooooooooooooooooooo, Ric Flair's music starts.

Flair: Wooooooooooooooooo, the Nature Boy is on Raw for a special reason and that is to let you know if you want to find out the next inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame, you better tune into the flagship show Friday night on SmackDown. Wooooooooo!

The show goes to commercial.

John Cena music hits.

Cena walks to the ramp and gets a mic.....

Cena: Edge, at WrestleMania XXV, I am going to beat you down and leave you helpless and crying for help.

Cena face tuns red and veins are popping.

Cena: Edge don't think I forgot about New Year's Revolution, ECW One Night Stand, SummerSlam in my hometown, and No Way Out. You got to realize this. I am going to break you and take back what is mine.

Raw returns from a commercial break

Cole: The Battle Royal is next and we have 15 wrestlers that will get a shot to become the No. 1 contender.

Orton, Mysterio, DiBiase, Rhodes, JBL, Jericho, Batista, Kofi, Kane, Santino, CM Punk, Charile Haas, Goldust, Mike Knox, and...

Lawler is frozen when he hears the name that is being told in his ear.

Cole: Lawler, what is it?

Lawler: It's It's It's...

The music hits and it is Goldberg.

Cole: Goldberg is back!

Every wrestler in the arena is shocked. Goldberg is on one side of the ring and Orton is on the other side. Jericho, Batista, and for some reason, JBL are in the same corner. Dolph puts his hand and says, "Hi I'm Dolph." Before he finishes, he gets kicked in the face and the match gets underway

Dolph gets thrown out first and then Santino just jumps out of the ring and runs as he eliminates himself. Legacy throws out Haas and Kofi after both Haas and Kofi try to clothesline Rhodes and DiBiase. Orton and CM Punk go at it, while Jericho and Batista  eliminate Knox. Kane and Mysterio are fighting in the middle in the ring.

At this point, Goldberg, Legacy, Punk, Mysterio, Jericho, Kane, and Batista, and JBL are still in contention. Goldberg goes after Rhodes and DiBiase as Orton and JBL are going at it in another corner, and Batista and Jericho are after Punk. JBL comes to help Punk but gets eliminated by Batista. JBL then pulls Batista's arm as Punk throws him over, Jericho tries to eliminates Punk, but Punk counters and eliminates Jericho. Kane and Mysterio are still going at it.

We are back after a commercial break.

Goldberg then spears both Rhodes and DiBiase and gets Rey and Punk to help him eliminate them. Orton eliminates Kane with help from Punk, as Goldberg, Orton, and Punk are the only wrestlers left standing. Goldberg then eliminates Punk after an RKO.

Orton and Goldberg start to go at it.

Big Show's music hits.

Goldberg looks at Show, and then Orton from behind, tries to eliminate Goldberg, but he saw it coming and then Orton goes over the top rope. But the Big Show caught him. As Goldberg celebrates, Orton goes back in with an RKO. Orton tells Show to throw Goldberg out, but the Big Show does not do it and then...

Triple H's music starts to play.

The Game has a sledgehammer in his hand and takes out Big Show, Goldberg, and Orton. The show ends with Hunter over Orton with a sledgehammer.

The show goes to black.

-Adrian Staehle



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