Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries: Breaking Down TNA Bound for Glory's Main Event

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistOctober 14, 2012

TNA’s biggest pay-per-view of the year, Bound for Glory, is Sunday night and the excitement for the show is as high as the company could have expected.

With so many convoluted storylines going on at the same time, TNA will look to the World Championship match between Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy to steal the show and save it from certain demise.

The winner of Sunday’s main event will be the future of the company over the next year, so there is more on the line at Bound for Glory than just a title.


Where: Grand Canyon University Arena, Phoenix, Ariz.

When: Sunday, Oct. 14 at 8 p.m. ET

Watch: Pay-Per-View

Live Stream:


Why Jeff Hardy Needs the Win

While there are still many questions around the work ethic and previous poor life decisions of Jeff Hardy, TNA knows just how much power its veteran wrestler has over the fans.

Droves of Hardy fans still follow their favorite star faithfully, and he is one of the best selling wrestlers in the business.

Plain and simple, Hardy makes TNA a bunch of money.

TNA is trying its best to sell a product and keep ratings high enough to satisfy the network, so having Hardy as the top star puts the company back in the same conversation as the WWE in terms of a marketable champion.


Why Austin Aries Needs the Win

Austin Aries—as well as James Storm and Bobby Roode—are the stars the company should be building the stars of the future right now, and that means being around the title.

Aries is a bit older than TNA would want from a homegrown star, but Diamond Dallas Page is the template against that theory. To build a new superstar, TNA must stick with Aries through Bound for Glory and cement his reign.

The heel turn on the go-home show wasn’t much on the surface, but Aries is a much better heel and this will be the best for his character.

If Hardy does win, though, expect Aries to get the title back soon enough with the intentions of letting the face chase the title again.


Prediction: Jeff Hardy wins the TNA World Title

As much as logical booking would say that Austin Aries should retain his title and cement his heel turn, TNA’s history at Bound For Glory has never been a place for the company to book correctly.

How can we forget last’s years’ debacle with Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode?

With the company’s numbers down, the need for a big moneymaker as champion will force TNA’s hand, and Hardy will be the new face of the company. Despite his previous issues, TNA knows what WWE knew: Hardy sells.

Aries will get another title run, but Bound for Glory will be Hardy’s time to shine.


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