Teams That Will Be Overrated in Initial BCS Rankings

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistOctober 14, 2012

Now that eight weeks of games have passed, the controversy in college football can officially begin. The first BCS rankings are scheduled to be released on Sunday night, which seems very appropriate given all the madness we saw on Saturday. 

Just when we thought we had the sport figured out, we saw West Virginia losing by 35 points to Texas Tech, Oklahoma destroying Texas, LSU bouncing back with a big victory against South Carolina and Ohio State giving up 49 points to Indiana. 

Chaos always reigns supreme when you start talking about the BCS. As we await the release of the first standings, we will look at the teams that are most likely to be overrated when they come out. 


Kansas State Wildcats

No one can deny the job that Bill Snyder continues to do with the Kansas State Wildcats. He has this program rolling right now, up to No. 4 in the AP Top 25. 

However, the schedule the Wildcats have played thus far leaves a lot to be desired. They did take care of business against Oklahoma, a win that looked a lot better after the Sooners thrashed Texas. 

But Missouri State, Miami, North Texas and Kansas don't exactly make for a who's who in the college football world. 

The Wildcats will have their chance to prove themselves in the coming weeks with games against West Virginia, Texas Tech and Texas, but right now it is hard to include them in the conversation about the best team in the country. 


USC Trojans

Ignore, for a second, the name on the front of the jersey. If I were to tell you that a team lost to Stanford, gave up 28 points in a closer-than-the-final-score-would-indicate game against Utah and struggled against Washington, what would you really think of them?

The name "USC Trojans" on the front of the jersey is not a mandate that we talk about this team like it is one of the 10-15 best in college football right now.

Nothing the Trojans have done screams "title contender," or even "BCS threat," at least not yet. They can change all that with two games later this season against Oregon and Notre Dame, assuming they don't screw up before then.

Something tells me the Trojans will sneak into the Top 12 of the BCS when the standings are released, which looks comical based on their work thus far. 


LSU Tigers

After taking a few weeks off, at least when they were playing real teams, LSU's offense came to life in the fourth quarter against South Carolina to keep the Tigers' BCS Title hopes alive. 

Yet as good as the defense has been and will continue to be for Les Miles' bunch, at some point, they are going to run out of ammunition. 

Granted, LSU is currently in the midst of a brutal five-game stretch that will take the team to Texas A&M next week before a bye week that gives them time to prepare for Alabama and Mississippi State. 

Since the Tigers already have one loss, they can't afford another if they want to make to the BCS Title Game.

On their current resume, outside of South Carolina, where is the dominant performance? Where is the game that you point to, saying, "This team is a rock-solid, Top Five team"?

One big win will buy them some leeway, but there has to be more than that and victories over Washington, Auburn and Towson to put them among the elite in the country. 


 1. Alabama
 2. Oregon
 3. Florida
 4. Notre Dame
 5. LSU
 6. Oregon State
 7. Kansas State
 8. Oklahoma
 9. South Carolina
 10. USC


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