Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar: Takeaways from UFC 153's Main Event

Andrew Saunders@SaundersMMACorrespondent IIOctober 14, 2012

Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar: Takeaways from UFC 153's Main Event

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    Anderson Silva is now 16-0 in the UFC. His winning streak is the longest in UFC history and nearly twice as long as his closest competitor. (Georges St-Pierre has nine.)

    After seeing the Spider dominant in yet another performance, there is no question that the Team Nogueira fighter is the greatest fighter to ever step foot in the Octagon.

    With UFC 153 in the history book, here is a look at some of the key takeaways from Saturday's main event. 

Anderson Silva's Taunting Will Ultimately Be His Downfall

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    When Anderson Silva taunts his opponents, it is humiliating, but also shows off the incredible evasive movement of the longtime champion. Last night, however, Silva showed us that he can't dodge and weave as well as he thinks.

    The first time that Silva moved back in front of the cage, he put his hands down and dared Stephan Bonnar to hit him. Although The Spider would land a strike in the initial exchange, Bonnar did connect with three strikes in rapid succession.

    If Silva attempts to utilize this head game in future fights, will he be lucky enough to absorb the shots? I use the word luck because that's what it takes to get hit on the chin repeatedly and not lose consciousness.

Stephan Bonnar's Claims Are Little More Than Puffery

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    How many times have you heard Stephan Bonnar claim that he wants to outdo his first fight with Forrest Griffin? And in his last three fights, how many times has Bonnar attempted to engage in anything resembling a crowd-pleasing brawl?

    Stephan Bonnar knows that his mediocre record inside the Octagon isn't as impressive as the sole fight that will fuel his legacy. For that reason, he markets upcoming fights by talking about the big fish he caught back in the day. 

    However, this claim of wanting to fight headfirst is nothing more than puffery. The truth is that "The American Psycho" is a middle of the pack fighter who simply wants to win one big fight by any means necessary so he can retire on a high note.

Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones Needs to Happen

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    "Ladies and gentlemen, if this guy doesn't fight Jon Jones it is a travesty. I know Jon doesn't want to fight him. And Anderson says he doesn't want to fight him. I really hope they reconsider. I know they have great respect for each other, but, you know what, for history sake they need to fight."

    That is the plea of Joe Rogan that came moments before Silva had his arm raised last night. Will The Spider's legacy be tainted if he doesn't have the super-fight that fans dream of?

    Better yet, what about the legacy of Jon Jones?

    Does Jon Jones have a chance at attaining the "greatest of all time" moniker if this fight never takes place? Even if he wins 15 more fights before calling it a day, fans will look to Silva as their king due to his unselfish nature and multi-divisional achievements.