Drew Brees: 'NFL Lacks Leadership and Accountability from the Top Down'

Suraj Sukumar@Sukumar_S87Correspondent IIOctober 14, 2012

Drew Brees has lashed out at the NFL. Hopefully this sparks a team comeback after an abysmal 1-4 start.
Drew Brees has lashed out at the NFL. Hopefully this sparks a team comeback after an abysmal 1-4 start.Harry How/Getty Images

Drew Brees has had time away from the field as his New Orleans Saints serve their bye in Week 6.

But the NFL superstar didn't waste any time before speaking his mind on recent NFL problems. 

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports' Shutdown Corner, Brees discussed his issues with the New Orleans Saints' bounty process and the referee conundrum from earlier this season. 

As a guy who's been in the league for 12 years, I have seen a lot. From an experienced player's perspective, the NFL seems a little out of control right now, in the way it's being conducted and run from the top on down. When you look at the way this replacement referee situation was handled through the first four games...it wasn't until a game was actually lost. And the amazing thing was, the NFL actually came out and backed the call made by the referee, when everybody in America -- fans and players, except for maybe Seattle fans and Seattle players -- would sit there and tell you that was an interception. 'I don't care when the rule says' -- maybe you'd better change the rule, then. Because if every player in the NFL, and every fan in the NFL, knows that it was an interception, and you're backing the call that says it wasn't, maybe we need to change the rule. Or, it's just a lack of accountability. 

I've found that throughout this [bounty] process, as well -- there's been a real lack of leadership and a lack of accountability, from the top down.

Continuing with the bounty process, Brees stated that:

They're playing by a completely different set of rules. And those rules change, however they see fit. I don't believe this process has been executed fairly from the beginning. I feel that there have been biased opinions this entire time, and I think there's an agenda at play here, I feel that there's ego and arrogance as well.


When asked what success would mean for the New Orleans Saints this year, Brees believes anything short of the playoffs would be a disappointment, "because we know we're one of those teams that believes that if we get in, we've got a shot."

Even with all his personal feelings towards the NFL, Brees seems pretty confident in getting back to business. 

As he should, with the Saints sitting last in the NFC South due to a poor 1-4 start.

While dealing with off-field issues will continue throughout the season, the bye week should help the Saints figure out some of the on-field problems.

There's probably nothing Brees and the Saints want more than to make the NFL playoffs, and he seems adamant to make that happen, too. 

After getting the week off, hopefully the Saints can shake off the early jitters and come back strong.