The NBA: Where Larry Brown Happens

Jason ColdironCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

Incredibly, the Bobcats currently have just seven players on their roster from the start of this season.


What happened? Larry Brown happened.


Brown has brought in and installed his culture of, “playing the right way.” He has shown players that don't buy in the way to the door, and offense-only type players like Jason Richardson have been sent out of town.


Underachievers like Adam Morrison and Matt Carroll have been sent on their way.


Raymond Felton was shopped heavily at the deadline but remains, likely because the team couldn't find equal value for him.


The group that remains for the rest of the season is now one of Brown's choosing.


Veterans like Raja Bell, Boris Diaw and Vladimir Radmanovic have accepted their parts in the Brown master plan. They have put aside their own wishes for the good of the team, and it is working.


Brown has brought the Bobcats to some level of respectability, with their best season in franchise history.


Brown has a history of revitalizing teams and leaving them better off than he found them. He was brought in to get the Bobcats going in the right direction and it has clearly been a success.


The 'Cats will likely still miss the playoffs, but Brown has done what he came to do; create a culture of success that should last in Charlotte long after he is gone.