Drew Brees is poised to become better than Peyton Manning and Tom Brady

Chris OryCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

Drew Brees could become this decades Dan Marino, not Brady or Manning

Granted, he hasn't had the weapons that those two have had. Yet in the past two years, he has thrown for more yards then both and more touchdowns than Peyton (Brady was injured last season, so he's not included here).

Dan Marino did not have the weapons that Joe Montana did (i.e. Jerry Rice), yet Marino held all the records. Marino never won a Super Bowl, and honestly Brees probably won't because he plays for the Saints. I can say this because I'm a fan.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are great quarterbacks and I'm not knocking them at all for what they have done. Drew Brees, though, is the best of the three. You just don't know it because he doesn't get nearly as much press, and because networks don't fall all over themselves to televise Saints games the way they do for New England and Indianapolis.

Brees is younger than Manning. He's not coming off an injury like Brady. He was a few yards shy last year of breaking Marino's single-season passing yards record. At the pace he is throwing, he will break the all-time record for attempts and completions.

Also, Brees does quite a bit of work in the community, and to him that and his team are more important than those records...just like Marino. All Brees wants to do is lead a team from a city that he has fallen in love with to the Super Bowl.

Whether he will be mentioned in the same breath as Marino remains to be seen, but he is well on the way. However, it should not be up for debate that he is mentioned in the same breath as Manning and Brady.