The Intercontinental Championship Is Relevant After All!

Garyn DanielsContributor IMarch 10, 2009

Monday night on Raw, John Bradshaw Layfield beat CM Punk for the Intercontinental Title.

As of late, many people have said the WWE has forgot about this title, as well as the U.S. Title. I think this move by the management is excellent for two reasons.

First, JBL is a great heel.

He cuts excellent promos and knows how to draw a lot of heat from a crowd. I think JBL being a great heel World Champion in the past will help bring some recognition to the Intercontinental Title.

It was great for television when he referred to himself as a "Wrestling God." I really hope he starts using that again now that he is a champion.

The other reason is this is a perfect opportunity for the WWE to build up CM Punk or another young superstar. 

I cannot imagine CM Punk winning Money in the Bank two years in a row. I think he will enter in a program with JBL over the Intercontinental Title, and it will do wonders for his career. I think JBL's program with John Cena that led to their match at WrestleMania 21 was fantastic.

I think this feud would give CM Punk a chance to show his promo skills, as well as help him to gain an even bigger fan base.

People simply do not like JBL, and they will want him to get beat. The longer he remains champion and has CM Punk chasing him, people will want to see what is going on with the Intercontinental Title.

Overall, this was a great move by management. Putting the belt on JBL makes the title seem worth something again, it will create great television segments. It will give CM Punk or some other young superstar a chance to build up their career.

JBL is a proven veteran and heel. He has helped to build up the careers of some of the biggest superstars today, including probably the biggest in the wrestling world today in John Cena.