New Orleans Hornets: Properly Motivated For Playoff Push

Jason ColdironCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

The New Orleans Hornets are now 7-0 since the trade of Tyson Chandler was rescinded.


It seems like his teammates now realize that this may be the last chance to make a run with the current group intact and are doing everything they can to be a serious player in the playoffs.


Last year, the Hornets sneaked up on many teams and rode Chris Paul to one of the league's best records before a disappointing playoff loss.


When the team tried to trade the anchor of their defense (Chandler) a couple of weeks ago, it became all too clear that the franchise is in trouble financially, and will likely be making some cost-cutting moves in the coming offseason.


That leaves the next few weeks for the team to make a major run and show ownership that this group is worth keeping together.


They have the pieces to do this.


Chris Paul has emerged as the elite point guard in the league. David West is a two-time all-star at the power forward position. And Peja Stoiakovic remains one of the most deadly outside shooters in the game.


Perhaps most importantly, they are led by Byron Scott, who has been through NBA battles as both a player and coach.


He is a great fit to lead this group that is now properly motivated to show the world how good it can be.


The Hornets will be a major threat when the playoffs start.