Houston Rockets Are Poised for Playoff Run

Jason ColdironCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

The Rockets have now won 12 straight home games and are 9-2 since Tracy McGrady quit on the season and currently stand at 41-23.


This situation is eerily similar to last season. You will recall that last year Yao Ming went down and the team went on a huge winning streak. Are the Rockets poised to repeat such a performance?


Not likely, but they are better equipped to face the challenges of the playoffs this time around.


With Ron Artest and Shane Battier holding down the wing positions and playing outstanding defense, the loss of McGrady has been minimized, unlike last year when they really had no adequate replacement for Yao.


With a dominant center in Yao and outstanding defense on the outside, the Rockets may have a recipe for playoff success. Artest and Battier can help hold down the elite scorers the Rockets are sure to face in a playoff matchup.


The Kobe's, Manu's, Carmelo's, Chris Paul's and Brando Roy's of the world will have a tough obstacle to overcome and will have to rely more on their teammates, trusting them to come through.


By taking away the opponent's go-to guys, the Rockets will be able to stay in the game against anyone and are not likely to be be blown out. In the playoffs, if you can stay in the game, anything can happen

down the stretch.


This Rockets team seems more poised than ever to give someone all they can handle in the playoffs.