WWE News: Ryback Slams Goldberg in Interview, Says He's Better

Max TowleAnalyst IOctober 14, 2012

Courtesy of WWE
Courtesy of WWE

The Goldberg chants have mercilessly followed Ryan Reeves around since his re-introduction to WWE television in April as the brute Ryback.

The physical similarities between the two have been noted by many, as has the way Ryback has been pushed in his early days, which reflects Goldberg's infamous unbeaten streak in his early WCW days.

Until now though, it seemed that the WWE were distancing themselves from the comparison.

But in an interview in the latest issue of WWE Magazine, Ryback has revealed that the chants do not do him enough justice (h/t Wrestling Inc).

"People see a big guy with a shaved head who's intense, and they draw those comparisons.

I will say this: Goldberg did this for the money. He was never a fan of wrestling. I do this because I have a passion for it, and that's the biggest difference between Goldberg and me. I'm not here to make five million dollars and then walk away. I'm here for life. 

And I firmly believe that I'm much better than he was in the ring.  I feel I'm a better athlete and wrestler than Goldberg ever was, and people are going to see that over time."

Though the comments seem at first glance very disparaging towards Bill Goldberg, it could be said that there is truth behind their sentiment.

And considering the fact that the interview was conducted with the WWE's official mouthpiece, it would not come as a surprise if Ryback's opinions matched that of Vince McMahon's.

Goldberg left the WWE in rather unsavoury circumstances in 2004, his final match with Brock Lesnar drawing criticism for the way both departing superstars seemed to put little effort into the fight.

As for Ryback, he has definitely been tipped for the spotlight early in his burgeoning career.

His meteoric rise of late has seen him considered a genuine option for the main event of the WWE's next PPV, Hell in a Cell, should John Cena fail to recover from an elbow injury in time.

His push has seemed to test well with audiences, and could lead to bigger and better things in the near future.

Whether or not Ryback's career will peter out in the same way as Goldberg's did is another question.


What do you think of Ryback's comments? Is he a better wrestler right now than Goldberg ever was?