Why the Spurs Are Still Right in the Thick of Things

Jason ColdironCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

Manu Ginobili is expected to be out for two more weeks.


Tim Duncan says that he hasn't been 100 percent all year and likely will not be at any point this season.


Time to panic? Not for these Spurs.


Tony Parker is at the peak of his game and can still take control at almost any time.


Roger Mason and Matt Bonner continue to shine and provide a lift the team couldn't have expected at the beginning of the season.


Drew Gooden should help bolster the frontcourt off the bench, along with Kurt Thomas.


One problem they may face in the playoffs is the inevitable problem of guarding Kobe Bryant in any eventual matchup with the Lakers.


In the past they had Bruce Bowen to lock onto him and give him fits. Bowen seems to be over the hill and hasn't played nearly as much as in past seasons.


When push comes to shove, though, Bowen can rely on his experience and guile to help him cover Kobe. The Spurs will also have others such as Mason and Ime Udoka to run at Kobe and keep someone fresh on him at all times.


The Spurs have been playoff-tested for the last several years. They have the role players and miscellaneous parts. They have Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich. They are going to be just fine.


When it comes down to it in playoff time, they are going to be right in the thick of it, and with a couple of lucky breaks they will still be good enough to win the whole thing.