UFC 153 Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

Matt Saccaro@@mattsaccaroContributor IIIOctober 14, 2012

UFC 153 Results: Questions Answered and Lessons Learned

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    UFC 153 is over. Anderson Silva breezed his way through Stephan Bonnar—as he was expected to do—and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira submitted the notoriously anti-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Dave Herman in vindicating fashion.

    Aside from these mainstays, other fighters had a chance to wow MMA fans, answer lingering questions and teach the MMA world important lessons. 

    What lessons were taught and what questions were answered? Read and find out!

Luiz Arthur Cane Isn't Special

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    Once upon a time Luiz Arthur Cane was the "next big thing" and the overhyped fighter du jour. 

    Nine fights in the UFC later...not so much. 

    Cane's record in the UFC is rather pedestrian at 4-5 (although one of those losses is due to a disqualification, so let's just say 4-4). 

    Cane didn't look impressive in his unanimous decision loss at UFC 153 to the unremarkable Chris Camozzi. The Brazilian's future is bleak. He might be able to eek out a living in the UFC as padding for the middleweight division, but he's not anything special as a fighter; he has a low ceiling.

What Is the Future of Gleison Tibau?

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    Gleison Tibau is arguably the largest lightweight in the UFC, and he's been able to parlay that size—as well as his BJJ black belt—into a successful, but unheralded, UFC career. 

    The problem with Tibau is this: He can beat the low to mid-level fighters, but he always wilts against the fringe top-contenders like the Jim Millers and Melvin Guillards of the world.

    However, at only 29, Tibau might have some time left. He needs to be given one last push to determine his ultimate fate in the UFC.

Demian Maia Is Back

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    The Demian Maia we all know and love—the one who takes skilled fighters down and contorts their limbs in ways contradictory to proper biomechanics—is finally back. He finally realized that employing C-level kickboxing against his opponents isn't a good strategy.

    His submission victory over Rick Story made this statement in spades, with more exclamation points at the end than an annoyed Reddit commenter could use. 

    Maia took Story down, who is a skilled wrestler in his own right, and then systematically undid all of Story's defenses on the ground, cranking a rear naked choke so hard that blood poured from Story's nose like it was a Mortal Kombat game.

    Maia is back, and his future at welterweight is an exciting one.

Wagner Prado Needs Work, Phil Davis Might Too

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    The only remarkable thing Wagner Prado showed at UFC 153 was a remarkable lack of wrestling. 

    Davis, while dominant, didn't demonstrate anything we didn't know he was already capable of; he can devastate guys who aren't prepared for his grueling wrestling attack and dangerous top game.

Jon Fitch CAN Be Exciting; Erick Silva May Be Another Next Big Thing That Wasn't

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    Jon Fitch has been incessantly mocked by fans as a boring "lay and pray" artist who never seeks to finish fights and instead prefers to just lean on opponents until the fight is over. 

    ...and then Jon Fitch vs. Erick Silva happened. 

    Fitch showed grit, determination and incredible toughness when he survived two seemingly locked in chokes, and an aggressiveness we haven't seen him bring to the Octagon in quite some time.

    As for Silva, he had some flashes of brilliance but was ultimately outmatched. Fitch broke him. 

    How he bounces back from this fight will determine what kind of fighter he his—whether he's a bust or a proper prospect.

Fabio Maldonado Is "Not Human"

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    Glover Teixeira was supposed to be a pro-wrestling squash match. It was supposed to be a fight that showcased Teixeira's abilities and made him out to be a seemingly unstoppable monster.

    And it was.

    Nevertheless, Maldonado proved his worth and his 300-Spartans level of toughness, withstanding dozens of cringe-inducing barrages as well as deep submission holds. 

    Although the doctor stopped the fight after the second round, Maldonado wanted to keep going.

    As Teixeira said in his post fight interview, "This guy, he’s not human."

    Teixeira did was he was expected to do. Maldonado is a tough guy who could be even tougher if he toned up and dropped a weight class.

Nogueira Should Retire, Dave Herman Isn't a UFC Caliber Fighter

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    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira won, but he looked old and slow. That's not to belittle him—he's a legend and one of the greats—but his time has passed. 

    Herman didn't help the fight much. His striking was almost as awkward as Jason "Mayhem" Miller's was against Michael Bisping, and his general abilities were sub-par. He doesn't belong in the UFC, as indicated by his 1-3 UFC record.

Stephan Bonnar Didn't Belong in the Cage with Anderson Silva

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    The UFC and the MMA world entertained the notion that Stephan Bonnar had even a slight chance against Anderson Silva. 

    He didn't. 

    Silva was so unimpressed that he backed himself up against the cage and literally let Bonnar punch him in the face. Silva eventually decided to put an end to the farce, chasing Bonnar down and sending him crumpling to the canvas with a thunderous pin-point accurate knee to the solar plexus. 

    It wasn't a fair fight. It wasn't a fight that should've happened.