Manny Being Awful

Jim ChandleyContributor IMarch 10, 2009

The Bruins skated hard on Sunday at MSG.  They should have beaten the Rangers.  But Manny Fernandez was insufferable.

I felt so bad for the skaters because they really brought it.  Milan Lucic absolutely killed Sean Avery at one point (somewhere Elisha Cuthbert was eating popcorn and laughing hysterically).  Sean Thornton went toe-to-toe with Colton Orr, ultimately getting the better of him in a small fight.

Everybody showed up.  It was an early game, on the road, in a tough place to play.  The boys came ready to steal it.  But Manny Fernandez made like Manny Ramirez and forgot what time the game was starting.

I like the guy, and everyone has a bad day, I get that.  But if Fernandez pulls anything like that again, Cam Neely and Claude Julien will have a very easy time selling "The Tuukka Rask Era" to Bruins fans.

If there is value to be had for Fernandez this offseason, he will move.  Rask is having a good year in Providence and Bruins fans won't continue to tolerate this type of play behind an otherwise excellent team.