Rampage Jackson Out, Lyoto Machida In for UFC 98 Main Event

Nate DoubleAnalyst IMarch 10, 2009

It appears that a hand injury, not family responsibilities have derailed Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's immediate title shot ambitions.

While the UFC has not released an official statement, all signs point to Rampage being off the May 23 card.

Immediately following Jackson's win at UFC 96, a banner ad was added to the front page of the UFC website advertising Evans-Jackson at UFC 98. The ad is no longer up and a banner for UFC 99 has taken its place.

Also, if you dig a little deeper and go to the UFC events page, UFC 98 is listed as Rashad Evans vs TBD. No photo of TBD is available at this time.

While Rampage technically has almost two weeks from UFC 96 to make his decision in order to still complete an eight-week training camp, it seems unlikely that the UFC would want the issue to remain unresolved for more than a couple of days.