McLaren Pioneer New Driverless F1 Car: Breaking Story

Ryan WoodAnalyst IMarch 10, 2009

Finally, the truth has emerged as to why McLaren-Mercedes have been so slow in winter testing this year.

They have decided to pioneer a brand new "driverless" F1 car which has no need for anyone to be in the cockpit. This is the real reason behind the sandbagging. Due to all the extra weight from the servers and motors used to drive the car, plus the weight of Lewis or Heikki, the car has been unbalanced.

However, come Australia there will be no driver, thus less weight, and they will gain around two to three seconds per lap.

The new car will be driven from the pits using multiple screen and motors linked to the car.

"The new car will allow me to drive from the comfort of my new room in the McLaren motor-home," said Lewis Hamilton.  "Not only will I be able to drink/eat/urinate whilst driving, but the fear of crashing will be nil. I won't be in the car, so the safety aspect is amazing."

Don't believe me, well watch this (until the end).