The Doctor's WWE SmackDown Recap: The Things We Learned, Loved and Hated

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 13, 2012

The Doctor's WWE SmackDown Recap: The Things We Learned, Loved and Hated

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    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my weekly SmackDown recap list. I always appreciate my loyal readers. But for those of you who are new, each week I recap SmackDown with a long list.

    The entries are made up of equal parts observations, humor, play-by-play, revelations, speculations, questions, answers and anything else I notice during the show. I sometimes comment on commercials, too, just because I get bored during them.

    This week we saw a couple of good matches and a few that were simply meant to put over one of the world-title match competitors.

    The match of the night had to be Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan. The two submission specialists unleashed a barrage of kicks on one another throughout the night, ending in Del Rio getting the win.

    There was nothing new in terms of feud development, but plenty of current programs were addressed in the matches.

    I try to interject some fun into these lists, so I hope you have fun reading this week's list of the things we learned, loved and hated from the show.

Opening Segment

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    1. Booker opens up the show on the ramp talking about Big Show and Sheamus.

    2. There is a setup for a punching contest on the ramp with a bag that measures pounds per square inch.

    3. Big Show comes out first in the biggest hoodie I have ever seen.

    4. I once owned a tent made of less material.

    5. Sheamus is out next and he is clearly in a better mood than Show.

    6. Show gets pissed and says he shouldn't have to prove himself to anyone because he has already knocked everyone out.

    7. Sheamus says he will go first. He kicks the bag and it says he hit it with 1,322 pounds per square inch of force.

    8. I am curious if any of this machine is real or if this is just set up in advance.

    9. Big Show still doesn't want to do it. He thinks it will blow up or something.

    10. Josh Matthews felt the need to talk over Sheamus to remind us that the WMD is Big Show's punch.

    11. Big Show gets egged on enough to hit the bag and he hits 1,809 pounds per square inch of force.

    12. Booker declares Big Show the winner, says he will see Sheamus at Hell in a Cell and then leaves.

    13. As Sheamus talks, he gets attacked from behind by Tensai.

    14. Booker gets in Tensai's face and says he is about to get fired if he doesn't leave.

    15. We go to commercial with Sheamus on the ground.

Tensai vs. Sheamus

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    16. After the break we get a match between Sheamus and Tensai.

    17. Sheamus meets Tensai in the aisle and they start fighting before the match can even begin.

    18. Sheamus gets the better of Tensai and runs him into the ring post.

    19. They get into the ring and the ref separates them so that match can start.

    20. Once the bell rings, Sheamus rushes Tensai and starts pounding on him.

    21. Tensai hits an elbow to Sheamus, but he can't hold onto control as Sheamus chop-blocks his knee.

    22. Sheamus hits an impressive suplex to Tensai.

    23. JBL mentions some of Tensai's accomplishments from Japan. I love that he is commentating again.

    24. Sheamus hits a power-slam for a near fall. He is really showing his strength in this match.

    25. Tensai misses the running senton and Sheamus lifts him up for White Noise.

    26. He calls for the Brogue Kick and hits it for the win.

    27. Quick match that only served to put over Sheamus before his title match with Big Show.

    28. We get a clip of Alberto Del Rio attacking Randy Orton last week after SmackDown was off the air.

    29. Del Rio is shown backstage with Ricardo Rodriguez and Ricky is worried about Orton showing up.

    30. Del Rio orders Ricky to go find Orton as we head to break.

    31. After the break, we see Ricky looking backstage and he runs into Santino, who is making snake noises which scare Ricky.

    32. Santino says the only thing more dangerous than a Cobra is a Viper.

The Band vs. Zack Ryder and Santino

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    33. We go back to the ring where Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal are out for a tag match with Drew McIntyre in their corner.

    34. They are now known as The Band instead of Encore.

    35. I wonder if Kevin Nash takes offense since he had a stable called The Band in TNA.

    36. This promo from the three is painful to watch.

    37. All three men end with the air guitar.

    38. I never thought I would be happy to see Santino interrupt someone, but in this case I will accept it.

    39. For once Santino is the lesser of two idiots.

    40. Ryder and Santino take on The Band after the break.

    41. Ryder and Mahal start off and Ryder takes it to him for a near fall right off the bat.

    42. Santino tags in and goes to the top rope, but changes his mind and settles for a middle-rope axe-handle.

    43. Santino misses his headbutt and Mahal is able to tag Slater.

    44. Mahal and Slater do some quick tags so they can keep beating on Santino together.

    45. Santino misses a dive for a tag to Ryder in typical Santino fashion.

    46. Line of the night from JBL. "That was like Michael Phelps diving for a pool and missing."

    47. That was off. For a second, I thought Josh Matthews was talking about Maven Huffman, but I was wrong.

    48. Ryder gets the tag and ends up getting hit by a unique finisher from Slater that I am not sure if I have ever seen.

    49. It was like a modified facebuster.

    50. The Band celebrates in the ring with more air guitar.

    51. We get a clip of Kane and Daniel Bryan from Monday.

    52. Dolph Ziggler apparently challenged Kane to a match over Tout. I like his catchphrase "Wrestling is like the fifth best thing I do."

Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    53. Kane is out next for the match with Ziggler.

    54. Ziggler is out after the break and he is amped up.

    55. The bell rings and Ziggler gets behind Kane and tries to beat on him.

    56. Kane attempts a throw and Ziggler lands on his feet but ends up eating an uppercut from Kane.

    57. JBL mentioning the Super Bowl Shuffle in relation to Bryan and Kane's team is the best line ever said on commentary in the history of WWE.

    58. I am a biased Chicago Bears fan, but it is still awesome.

    59. Ziggler keeps an aggressive pace as he tries to get on Kane in the corner.

    60. Kane throws Ziggler over the rope, but he skins the cat only to get kicked right back over.

    61. He messed up a little, but Ziggler is still looking really good in this match. He is showing more aggression in this match than he usually does.

    62. Ziggler is able to hit a neckbreaker to get a near fall after the break.

    63. Ziggler hits his series of standing elbows for another near fall.

    64. JBL is really laying into Josh Matthews tonight. I love it.

    65. Ziggler hits a beautiful dropkick to take Kane down, but Kane avoids him in the corner.

    66. Kane hits a big clothesline for a near fall.

    67. Kane keeps on him with some corner clotheslines and a sidewalk slam for a two count.

    68. Kane goes to the top, but Ziggler crotches him on the top turnbuckle and climbs up with him.

    69. Kane knocks him off and Ziggler goes and grabs the MITB case.

    70. Ziggler hits Kane as he comes off the top and gets a DQ.

    71. Ziggler tries to keep attacking after the match, but Kane stops him in his tracks with an uppercut.

    72. Bryan comes in the ring for some reason and he and Kane get into an argument.

    73. Bryan thinks he just saved Kane for some reason.

    74. Matt Striker gets in the ring and asks if the arguing could cost them the titles.

    75. Striker says Bryan might be the weak link and Bryan puts him in the No Lock.

    76. Kane rips Bryan off and picks up Striker only to hit him with a Chokeslam as Bryan screams no in his face.

    77. Line of the night number two from JBL. "That is not an announcer. It's Matt Striker."

Kofi vs. Big Show

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    78. Ricky is still looking for Orton and he finds Hornswoggle playing with a Randy Orton Brawlin' Buddy.

    79. Ricky takes it and tries to break it and then walks off.

    80. After the break we see Miz join JBL and Matthews on commentary.

    81. JBL puts over Miz before we go to a clip of Miz and Larry King on Raw.

    82. Kofi comes out afterward for the next match.

    83. It will be interesting to see how WWE books Kofi as a singles star after he had been in a couple tag teams for the last several months.

    84. Big Show is his opponent. This will not end well for Kofi.

    85. Big Show left the tent backstage.

    86. JBL loves the phrase "Poked the bear."

    87. Big Show knocks Kofi down with a shoulder block right away to ground him.

    88. Kofi gets a huge slap to the chest to send him reeling to the mat.

    89. Wow! It is interesting to hear them talk about how JBL used to give Miz a hard time in the back.

    90. JBL is just giving Matthews a hard time because he wants him to quit.

    91. Kofi hits a missile dropkick to get Big Show off his feet and he follows up with a Boom Drop.

    92. Kofi calls for the Trouble in Paradise but Show just swats him away.

    93. Show hits the WMD for the pin and the win.

    94. I find it odd that Kofi just lost so easily to Show when he is getting a title shot next week. Seems like lazy booking to me.

    95. Miz gets a mic and starts taunting Kofi while he is still down.

    96. Miz gives his catchphrase in a much more subdued voice than usual.

    97. I have really liked Miz since he returned from filming his movie. He has matured a bit in his character.

Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara

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    98. We go backstage to see Del Rio and Ricky talking and Bryan walks in.

    99. Bryan basically says Orton is going to put Del Rio down.

    100. Bryan says he and Del Rio have a match later.

    101. Layla and Kaitlyn are telling Booker that they found a blond wig in Eve's bag.

    102. Eve walks in and says she found a blond wig in Teddy's bag.

    103. She accuses Teddy of attacking Kaitlyn and everyone starts arguing.

    104. Booker leaves and Eve and Teddy have a little exchange.

    105. Excellent! Damien Sandow is facing Sin Cara. Sandow is one of my favorite things about SmackDown right now.

    106. Rhodes is in Sandow's corner but there is no Rey Mysterio.

    107. Sandow grabbing Cara but the face and yelling "Today is not your day!" was hilarious.

    108. Cara gets on Sandow with some quick kicks and a top-rope armdrag.

    109. Sandow regroups outside the ring before he gets in the ring and goes to work on Cara with kicks in the corner.

    110. Sandow hits a side-Russian leg sweep and his Latin elbow for a near fall.

    111. Cara comes back with a jawbreaker and a springboard elbow.

    112. He follows up with a headscissors and a kick to send Sandow off the apron to the floor.

    113. Cara follows him to the outside with a high cross body which also takes out Rhodes.

    114. The ref catches Cody about to attack and he boots him from ringside.

    115. Cara leap-frogs the ref to hit a hurricanrana to get the pin over Sandow.

    116. The dumb yellow lights go away and Sandow and Rhodes are in the ring talking about the loss.

Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    117. Bryan runs into Kane backstage and he tells Kane not to come out during his match.

    118. Del Rio is out first for his match with Bryan.

    119. WWE needs to do something with Kane and Bryan before they fall into a pattern and become a joke.

    120. Bryan rips up a fan's sign, which is funny because Del Rio just got in trouble for that on Monday.

    121. They lock up and Del Rio backs Bryan into the corner and tries to get him down with an armbar right away.

    122. Bryan comes back with some kicks and European uppercuts for a near fall of his own.

    123. Del Rio gets back on Bryan with more kicks followed by a snap suplex for a near fall.

    124. Bryan comes back and tees off on Del Rio's hip with kicks.

    125. Bryan locks in a half-surfboard and stomps Del Rio's knees into the mat.

    126. Line of the night No. 3 from JBL in response to Matthews calling Bryan a goat face. "Nobody said he was a bad-looking goat. Maybe he is a good-looking goat."

    127. Bryan hits a running elbow to get Del Rio down and he starts hitting his signature series of kicks to Del Rio's chest.

    128. He runs into Del Rio with a kick to the gut to finish off.

    129. Del Rio avoids the corner dropkick and he gives Bryan a kick of his own.

    130. This is a solid match, but they are relying too much on kicks.

    131. Del Rio sends himself through the ropes and hangs on allowing Bryan to kick him in the chest.

    132. Del Rio whips Bryan into the barricade right before the break.

    133. After the break we see Del Rio get a near fall after a big backbreaker.

    134. Del Rio starts working on the arm of Bryan to set up for the Cross-Arm Breaker.

    135. Bryan and Del Rio exchange counters until Bryan puts the No Lock on.

    136. Cel Rio crawls his way to the ropes causing the break.

    137. Del Rio locks in an armbar in the ropes for a full four count.

    138. He throws Bryan's shoulder into the ring post and then locks in the CAB for the submission win.

    139. Del Rio wins a good match against another submission specialist.

    140. Del Rio grabs a mic after the match and runs down Randy Orton.

    141. It is pretty clear they are building to a HIAC match between them. I don't know why they don't just say it.

    142. Del Rio says Orton is afraid of him.

    143. Del Rio does the Orton pose.

    144. #Ortoning.

    145. Del Rio mocks the way Orton gets ready for an RKO and he ends up turning to see Orton already in the ring out of nowhere.

    146. Orton pulls Del Rio to the apron and starts beating on him.

    147. He slams Del Rio into the table and then runs him into the ring post.

    148. Orton follows up by throwing Del Rio into the steel steps and then clearing off the announce table.

    149. Del Rio is able to escape with Ricky tries to attack Del Rio.

    150. As usual, Ricky eats a finisher to protect Del Rio. This time it was into a table that didn't break.

    151. The show ends with Orton standing tall in the ring.

    152. It was an average show overall, but JBL on commentary made it very enjoyable.

    153. Sandow is coming along nicely in WWE and someday soon he will hold a title.

    154. Kofi did not get off to a great start in his singles run with that loss to Big Show, but he might do well against Miz next week.