WWE Titles All About Women

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

Okay this is an article about Wrestlemania main events. The two world title matches all involve some sort of female trouble and they both involve wives.

It is obvious that the WWE threw the world title match together because they couldn't make up there mind about what to do with Cena.

Cena has been in six Wrestlemania's and in five or six of those he has been in the world title match. The other time it was the United States title vs the Big Show, but this isn't about him.

This years two Wrestlemania main events involve HHH and Randy Orton as well as
Edge, Big Show, and Cena. Now let's take a look at these matches.

The world title match is a triple-threat match and it is mostly about the Edge and Vicki Guerrero affair. The first time these two had an affair story line it led to an awesome hell in the cell match at Summerslam. This time it's at Mania.

This may be what all of us have been waiting for—Edge's chance to drop the Vicki storyline and go back to being the rated-R superstar. This would also lead to a face change.

If Edge were to spear Vicki, it would be a bad move by the WWE. A bad move because people wouldn't want to see it but because it shouldn't happen before Mania because it is in Texas.

Why does that matter you ask? Because how would the WWE look if they had two huge matches at the 25th anniversary and they both involved violence toward women. There could be a riot.

Edge should spear Vicki after Mania but the chance that he won't are very slim and I'd enjoy watching that again and again. I really doubt the riot thing would happen, I just don't think the 25th anniversary should be remembered as the night that both world titles involved violence toward women.

The wwe title this is one of the most intense rivalries that we have seen in a while. It's going to be a great match that involves the McMahon's, Orton—the game itself explanatory about this one.

Unless your cable has been out for a month and you don't have an antenna to watch smackdown, punt to Vince, Shane, RKO, Stephanie, etc.

There is yet another that has to do with women but maybe not violence. The Bella twins, Miz, Morrison and the colons feud title unification at Wrestlemania 25 that is gonna be good and its about time.

Tell me do you think the WWE is over hyping or using women storyline to much this year.