TNA Bound for Glory 2012: What We Learned from Sunday's PPV Event

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIOctober 15, 2012

TNA Bound for Glory 2012: What We Learned from Sunday's PPV Event

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    The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory.

    Finally, we saw exactly what all the fuss was about.

    Jeff Hardy is the new TNA World Champion.

    And yes, we knew what his name was and oh, did Bully Ray deliver. Until we saw who the leader of Aces and Eights really was (Devon). Shock filled the arena in Phoenix.

    There was a Matt Morgan sighting. There were a contract won by Joey Ryan, and we even got to see "Jesse" appear as Tara's boyfriend.

    Four title changes in one night? Take that, WWE. I can honestly say that there is never a dull moment in TNA.

    And of course, Austin Aries did exactly what I thought he would do: He proved he is one of the best wrestlers in the business today, even in defeat.

    There was closure, there were questions answered and there was unfinished business that still needs to be decided.

    This actually may have been as good as last year's PPV event. As of Thursday, it looked like TNA was going to seriously fail at reaching the mark. Yes, I was wrong. And yes, it set the company up nicely for the next two months to close out the year.

    Oh, and Christy Hemme looked so hot!

    Here is what we learned from the Bound for Glory PPV.

Devon Is Aces and Eights

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    "It was always me!"

    Devon was unmasked as the leader of Aces and Eights. The silence was deafening. Now, there are more questions to answer.

    Actually, it is genius. Hogan and Sting will now question whether Bully Ray is part of the deal. And it also means others (maybe ECW alums) will follow suit.

    Now, this becomes real. And it is still not known if Eric Bischoff is all behind it. Fans got real silent when Devon was unmasked.

    Shock and awe.

    I never liked the angle, and I am not sure it is the best way for TNA to go, but it certainly got a hell of a lot more interesting.

TNA Came out Smoking at the Beginning of the Night

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    Two title matches to open the night were a perfect way to get things started.

    The one thing TNA does, which I think is better than the WWE, is plan for PPV events with starting power.

    The WWE can handle having title matches and non-title matches set the tone throughout the program. TNA needs to begin with momentum and build on it.

    Great planning by the creative team.

Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy Was Better Than I Thought

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    When Aries came back to TNA, the first thing I thought was he would be great in a program with Jeff Hardy.

    I was right.

    This match was awesome. An X-Division type of World Title match. It proved that Aries is one of the best at selling the product, and Jeff Hardy is still one of the best entertainers in the business.

    This was a match that went back and forth, and the fans loved every minute of it.

    Aries proved to be the ultimate warrior, and then Hardy would answer.

    Yes, this match was just sick. Aries looked desperate at times. Hardy looked limp and out of it.

    But in the end, Hardy claims gold.

Samoa Joe Is a Beast

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    Even with his size, Samoa Joe is as quick as a cat. I love the fact he can work with a ground game, an aerial attack or just beat the holy hell out of his opponent.

    Take nothing away from Magnus, however, who I would love to see as the future lead heel of this company. Hopefully he could have a run like Bobby Roode did last year.

    But Joe is the one who makes it all happen.

    And he would be awesome in the WWE (just an opinion) taking on Brock Lesnar.

    It's just a thought.

Samoa Joe/Magnus Could Be the Next Great Rivalry in TNA

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    If it isn't already.

    Both men gave it all. Samoa Joe retains the TNA Television Title, but it was one hell of a match.

    Magnus is long and lean. Joe, thick and burly. A perfect compliment to each other. It also proves why the two were such a successful tag team in TNA.

    Joe proved he was the better man. But if TNA has a solid mind, it should continue this rivalry for a bit, title or no title.

    This is certainly a keeper.

Bobby Roode/James Storm Needed to Be Later in the Evening

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    I have been waiting for this to happen for six months now. And it delivered (see a theme here?).

    Gotta love it when two men beat the hell out of each other.

    And there will be blood as well. Gotta love it when there is blood in the face of a wrestler. James Storm's face was a crimson mask, as Gordon Solie would say.

    This match was just as violent as we thought it would be.

Both Roode and Storm Need to Be Back in Title Contention

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    They put on one hell of a show and they are great performers.

    Both have been TNA World Champions, and they should be in the title picture when the creative team looks at future matches.

    This is a feud that could take on epic proportions, like Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer. The tacks that Roode fell onto prove how great and relentless this match was.

    It harkens back to the days of old NWA themes and gruesome wrestling and street fighting.


RVD Still Has It

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    What a great way to start the show off. RVD is the new X-Division Champion.

    This match was signed earlier this week and at first, I thought it was an awful idea for these two to get in the ring.

    But it was a very entertaining match. RVD is still great at his aerial moves and Zema Ion sold it pretty well.

    Make no mistake, Ion is the future of the X-Divison, but it is great to see gold around the waist of RVD again.

Real Tag Teams

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    This is where I take a shot at the WWE.

    Is there anything better than a "Pele" kick by AJ Styles and a German Suplex by Kurt Angle? Yes, TNA does tag team wrestling better than anything the WWE puts together.

    Watching Daniels and Kazarian, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero and Styles and Angle was pretty darn good.

    And the fans got into this match as much as any on the night. A lot of X-Division moves in this one, and there was plenty of carnage all over the canvas and the floor.

    There was action beyond action.

    Angle is a beast and can still wrestle as well as anyone.

    Frog Splash!

    Hernandez and Guerrero win. Great stuff.

What Was King Mo's Place in This PPV?

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    He was built up as an enforcer. An MMA star and someone we all were supposed to get behind.

    And supposedly, a part of the James Storm/Bobby Roode match.

    But it appears that the man who was supposed to be a big deal really did nothing in the match.

    To me, it was a huge letdown.

Matt Morgan Returns

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    In doing one of his best Kevin Nash impersonations, Morgan returned to TNA and helped Ryan beat Al Snow.

    Morgan made an appearance a few weeks ago and surprised us all.

    What does this mean for TNA and Morgan? Does this mean Morgan will put his stamp on TNA and finally take a TNA title for his own?

Joey Ryan Looks Like Lanny Paffo

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    He also looks a little like Ron Jeremy, and he's trying to show off one of the best porn mustaches in wrestling.

    I hate angles like these unless they go somewhere. Al Snow may not have been as good as he used to be, but he was still entertaining.

    Ryan was better than I thought, but it may have been the weakest match of the night.

I Just Love the Knockout's Division

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    Something else TNA does better than anyone else. Yes, this is directed at the WWE.

    Tara beats her student, Miss Tessmacher. This is a feud that needs to continue.

    And we finally got to see "Jesse" and Tara together.

    I just felt myself throw up in my mouth.

    TNA has needed to bump up its game with the Knockouts. Maybe now we see Gail Kim turn face and ODB challenge for the Knockout's Title.

The Fans Rocked!

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    There was never a dull moment.

    Even with the unmasking of Devon, the fans brought it like few arenas have that I have watched at a PPV event.

    The thing I love about TNA and its PPV events, honestly, is the close proximity the fans have to the matches and the wrestlers. It is AWA and NWA reborn. Think of it as a college basketball atmosphere.

    The fans cheered both Aries and Hardy. They were such a big part of the event.

    WWE may have a larger following and fill larger arenas, but these fans are cult-like and are great for the wrestling culture.