Timberwolves Owner Claims Kevin Garnett "Tanked It" in Minnesota

Andrew PalumboSenior Analyst IMarch 19, 2008

On Tuesday, Minnesota Timberwolves owner, Glen Taylor, accused Kevin Garnett of shutting down early by exaggerating a leg injury so he could sit out the final five games of the 2006-2007 season. 

Taylor suggested, "KG tanked it. I think the other guys still wanted to play. But it sure changed the team and didn't make us (as strong)." His criticism quickly made front page headlines on all of the top sports Web sites prior to Tuesday night's game between the Houston Rockets and the Boston Celtics.

How did Garnett respond?

He played basketball. Garnett put on a brilliant show against the Rockets, who came into the game riding a virtually unheard of 22-game win streak.

Did KG change his game?

Did he point out the fact that Taylor constantly shopped Garnett around the NBA during the past few years, despite his insistence that he wished to remain with the Timberwolves?

Did Garnett take the time to point out that columnist after columnist is putting his name amongst the statistical leaders of the NBA as an MVP candidate because of the "intangibles" that he brings with his intensity and motivation?

The answer to all of these questions is no.

Garnett took a page from Ron Burgundy's book and "stayed classy," only making a brief statement.

"Glen Taylor was good to me while I was a Timberwolf. I'm a Boston Celtic now. I'm not going to be going back and forth and saying tasteless things. That's not in my character. I'll let him speak if he wants to," he said.

With this comment, fans from "Stockbridge to Boston" (you better get used to my random James Taylor references now folks) finally realized that they are not dreaming.  KG is a Celtic. Meanwhile, poor Timberwolves fans watched in horror as Taylor unnecessarily put his ugly finishing touch on an otherwise beautiful story of a loyal man and his equally loyal fans.

If you've ever watched a single game featuring Garnett, however, you know that he's no angel. This is a man who fights for position on the block with under three minutes left to play in the fourth quarter of blowout games. Somewhere NBA executives are rethinking television closeups of players after highlight plays because of Garnett's usual intense, expletive-laced celebrations. Garnett plays the game as hard and focused as anyone I've ever seen in professional sports.

So it should come as no surprise that KG's powerful slam in the closing minutes of a blowout against the hottest team in the NBA - which was followed by his usual "That's right mother[expletive]!" - was most likely aimed at his former friend and owner, Glen Taylor.

In the words of Keith Olbermann, congratulations Glen Taylor, "You're tonight's WORST...PERSON...IN THE WORLD!"