New York Mets Cut Duaner Sanchez, Pedro Martinez on Tap?

danny perezContributor IMarch 10, 2009

In a surprise move, the New York Mets announced today the release of pitcher Duaner Sanchez, citing decreased velocity, sporadic command, and not much improvement based on last year.

“We looked at it, really, his over all performance based upon last year to what we see now and we didn’t see the improvement,” General Manager Omar Minaya said.

By releasing Sanchez by Mar. 18, the Mets are only required to pay a small portion of his $1.7 million salary.

Could this mean freeing up some money for Pedro Martinez?

I sure hope so. Our potentials for the final spot in the rotation are looking real shabby. Tim Redding is getting abused by college players. Livan Hernandez and Freddy Garcia are not impressing anyone, and Jonathon Niese still needs a little molding.

Pedro is determined, looks healthy, and is better than any of the above options. He has voiced his preferance and there's no secret he wants to return to the Mets. If this happens, Pedro will be the best fifth starter on any staff. Plus, come playoff time, he’s the guy you want out there.

Omar, let’s do this before someone else snags him.

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