Bracket Buster - University Of San Diego Toreros

Chris VarnerCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2008

The sleeper in the NCAA tournament this year is going to be out on the West Coast.

USD has a very legit shot to pull the upset on UConn. USD has the speed to keep up and they have an inside presence in their Power Forward Rob Jones. (who is the son of late cult leader Rev. Jim Jones) Rob is averages 8.8 points per and 5.8 rebounds per however, those are kind of deceptive because he is gutsy and doesn't like to be pushed around especially on the baseline.

This pick on my part is partially biased because my fiancee is attending law school at USD but, this is actually a good team and I wouldn't waste my energy writing about them if I didn't truly believe this. So, I will be sending out my upset alert to all the No. 4 ranked UConn fans out there and let you be aware now that if you're lucky I will be wrong and the slipper won't quite fit on the foot of the Torerro and the Huskies will still get to dance.

Although if the men don't get it done I can always root for the women who are going up to Northern California to play Cal Berkley which should be a good game as well especially since Cal is ranked No. 3.