Kevin James Talks MMA and 'Here Comes the Boom': BR5

BR5Daily ShowOctober 12, 2012

BR5 caught up with actor Kevin James as he was in town promoting his new comedy, Here Comes the Boom, and got the lowdown on what went into this MMA-inspired comedy. 

Here Comes the Boom is the story of a high school biology teacher who looks to mixed martial arts in order to raise money to keep extracurricular activities from being cut from his school.

As a huge fan of UFC himself, James had been looking to get the movie made for some time, but with the all-star cast of Salma Hayek and Henry Winkler assembled, the stars finally aligned. And with the help of real-life MMA stars also starring in the film, Here Comes the Boom is about to lower the boom on audiences nationwide.

James took us through what inspired him to make the film, as well as the rigorous training that he had to go through in order to be properly conditioned for such a physically demanding movie.

We also learned of the hilarious hijinks on set, as well as James' close working relationship with former heavyweight fighter Bas Rutten, who plays a crucial role in the film.  And lastly, our host Desi Sanchez got a first-hand look at one of James' signature moves.

Here Comes the Boom hits theaters on Friday.