I'm back... or at least will be shortly

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I'm back... or at least will be shortly
Rumors of my demise have been only slightly exaggerated. It's been an... um... interesting first couple of months for me this year. In addition to all the stresses of every day life, I became a labor statistic in early January. Fortunately, I was able to fairly quickly remedy that situation and things have started to settle back into a rhythm.

The good news (or bad news, depending on who you ask) is that I plan to be back in the blogosphere in the next couple of week, just not here. I was starting to find the conference-wide look at things a little too much, so it's going to be a site focusing on my beloved... well, why ruin the surprise now? I'm getting some final things lined up and should have the new site up and running shortly.

As an aside on the SEC Tournament this weekend, OM, UK, MSU, UGA, LSU, and USC can all be grateful that Alabama, Vandy, and Auburn are on the same side of the bracket, as those are the three best teams in conference right now. Right now, I have a hard time picking against Auburn to win the tourney.

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