Inside MLB Fan Cave

Why We WatchOfficial AccountOctober 12, 2012

Take a look inside the MLB Fan Cave, as baseball greats like Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera show us their acting talents.

Nas does his thing and Kate Upton gets down with the Cave Dwellers.

See what it's like to experience the ultimate fan dream of living in the MLB Fan Cave and watching every single one of their home team's games.

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Producer: Amir Ebrahimi

Camera:  Hunter Mandel 

Production Assistant: Vanessa Casal-Onate

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Special thanks to:

Tim Brosnan

Matt Bourne 

Ryan O'Leary 

Kevin Sprague

Jason Washington

Kyle Thompson 

Ashley Chavez

Ricardo Chavez 

Ricardo Marquez

Gordon Mack

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The MLB Fan Cave