Jimmie Johnson's Beard: Momma Likes It, So It's Staying

Kelly CrandallSenior Writer IApril 12, 2017

When Jimmie Johnson was seen for the first time since hoisting his third Sprint Cup championship last November, he actually caused the NASCAR world to stop, and the message boards to light up. 

Everyone turned to get a second look as Johnson sported something that seemed out of place—a beard.

During the offseason, Johnson let it grow because of what he called "laziness", and by the time the new season rolled around, he decided to let it stay.

To some, it seems like an oxymoron to have one of NASCAR's squeaky clean and corporate sponsors aim to have something that fits his teammate, Dale Earnhardt Jr., better.

But Johnson decided to roll with it, and many have said that they like it, adding that it makes him look more like a man.

Yet, there are others who want him to shave it off, saying he doesn't look like himself.

However, Jimmie Johnson fans have now come up with another reason for him to ditch it: they think it's bringing him bad luck.

"I disagree on the unlucky thing," he said. "We've created most of the issues we've had. It hasn't been the beard."

Since Johnson started racing with his new black beard, he sliced his finger, which required stitches, during the Rolex 24-hour race, then he finished 31st in the Daytona 500. Johnson had a strong car at California before fading late to a ninth place finish, and was 24th at Las Vegas.

That came after he missed his pit stall and spun out on his own. This weekend at Atlanta, he was caught speeding on pit road, proving that even three-time champions aren't immune to mistakes.

He battled back for another ninth place finish.

He sits 13th in the points standings as the series heads to Bristol, which is not one of his best tracks.

But Johnson has a message for all the fans that are hoping he goes back to his clean-shaven, baby-faced look: "Don't count on it.

"I've heard a variety of opinions from the fans," he says. "Some love it and some hate it. But again, if momma likes it, it's staying."

The momma he's referring to in this case would be his wife, Chandra who says she's become fond of it during the offseason because she enjoys how it tickles her.

His fans, however, aren't tickled by his 2009 thus far, and will continue to blame the beard.

Johnson, though, is being smart in listening to his wife.

After all, his fans wouldn't be the one's sleeping on the couch.


Source: Thatsracin.com