Kicker Drops Epic "Kickalicious" Trick-Shot Video

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Kickers, as it would seem, are useful for something. 

They usually come out during a football game to disappoint us all with a shanked ball, causing us to wonder what propose they serve. 

This football magician delivers a trick-shot video so marvelous, so amazing and so wonderful that it's "kickalicious," just as the YouTube title explains. 

The video was shared by the ESPN Facebook page with the caption, "Dear NFL Teams, If you need a kicker, you might want to check out this guy."

Once you see the video, you too will be exclaiming this man needs an NFL job, immediately.

He hits balls up to 60 yards through the uprights and even manages to make some awfully dreary days look amazing. 

Seriously, where is this recorded? Because it really seems to be some of the most depressing hours ever spent outdoors. 

Still, our awesome kicker makes it all seem like a sun-drenched experience as he dribbles the football before volleying it through the posts. 

All the obligatory trick-shots are here, but better than you have seen them before. He passes to a receiver on the run, drops a shot through a basketball hoop and drills kicks from awkward angles. 

Something tells me he would have no problem making that 30-yard chip shot in the fourth quarter from straight away. Make it happen, NFL. 

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