BCS Rankings: Teams Who Will Get Screwed in First Rankings

Rick WeinerFeatured ColumnistOctober 12, 2012

NORMAN, OK - SEPTEMBER 22: Quarterback Collin Klein #7 of the Kansas State Wildcats talks to his offense before the last play against the Oklahoma Sooners on September 22, 2012 at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. Kansas State beat Oklahoma 24-19. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)
Brett Deering/Getty Images

In the 1994 cult classic "PCU," the tagline for the big party at the pit was "Everyone Gets Laid."

On Sunday afternoon, when the first BCS Rankings are released, the tagline will be "Someone Gets Screwed."

Actually, a number of teams will get screwed, whether it be due to a perceived weakness in their schedule, less than stellar results against ranked opponents or any number of other issues that the computer determines to exist when it's crunching the numbers.

While the rankings at this point in the season are relatively meaningless, it doesn't change the fact that someone is going to feel slighted, and rightfully so.

Lets take a look at three squads who will have a legitimate gripe after the BCS Rankings are released.


Kansas State (5-0)

All the Wildcats do is win, but that won't help them when it comes to the BCS Rankings.

They've only played one ranked team to date, Oklahoma, and while they only won by five points, margin of victory means nothing in the scheme of the BCS Rankings. A win is a win.

But the Wildcats, who rank No. 6 in the AP and No. 5 in USA Today, are all over the place in the other rankings the BCS looks at.

Billingsley has them as high as No. 6 while Sagarin puts them at No. 12.

That discrepancy will cost the Wildcats a Top 5 BCS ranking on Sunday.


Notre Dame (6-0)

With a defense that is arguably as strong as Alabama's, the Fighting Irish have a legitimate gripe about not being a Top 3 team in the AP Poll, much less the BCS Rankings.

They've beaten four major conference opponents, including two Top 25 teams, and are firing on all cylinders as they head into this weekend's game against Stanford.

In the rankings used by the BCS, only the AP and USA Today polls have them lower than No. 4 in the nation. They are a Top 5 team in every other ranking that the BCS looks at.

But even with a win against Stanford on Saturday, the Irish will wind up on the outside of the BCS Top 5 when the rankings are released.


Oregon Ducks (6-0)

According to Yahoo! Sports' Pat Forde, the undefeated Oregon Ducks will not place in the Top 5 of the BCS Rankings when they are released on Sunday.

Oregon, ranked No. 2 in both the latest AP Poll and USA Today Coaches' Poll, has one of the most prolific offenses in the nation. While margin of victory is no longer taken into consideration by the computer, the fact remains that Oregon is beating teams by an average of 32 points.

The Ducks' ranking is all over the place in those used by the BCS: Billingsley has them No. 1 while Anderson and Hester have them at No. 7.

While I don't subscribe to Forde's theory that Oregon won't place in the Top 5, they won't land in the Top 3—and they are no worse than the third best team in the country right now.