Biggest NFL Offseason Signing Busts so Far

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The most recent NFL offseason saw more than its share of curious free-agent signings. As the league's 32 teams continued to adjust to the mandated salary floor set forth by the new CBA, they have more money to spend on personnel, but apparently less common sense with which to spend it. 

Some 2012 signings have yet to pan out this season. Cornerback Brandon Carr has done little to stop up the Cowboys' porous secondary. Running back Mike Tolbert has been underutilized in Carolina, even with the injury to Jonathan Stewart earlier in the season. And don't even get us started on Peyton Hillis.

The worst of all of them? That's up for debate, but Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Mario Williams would have to be in the conversation, if not starting it. Williams was supposed to be the savior of the Bills defense in many ways. And how is that working out? The Bills are 2-3, and they gave up at least 45 points in each of those three losses. 

Another guy to consider for the worst: Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garçon. Garçon signed for crazy money in March, and almost half of his five-year contract was guaranteed. If only his performance could have been...

NFL National Lead Writer Michael Schottey and I make our cases for the worst free-agent signing of 2012 in our latest video debate. Check out our thoughts in the clip above, and please leave yours below in the comments.

As always, thanks for watching. 

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