A Captain's Knock

stoph verismoContributor IMarch 10, 2009

A captains knock

There is nothing like the un-adulterated pleasure of fantasy; creating something in your head that is either implausible or impossible. For that reason, I offer up The Captain's XI.

Although all fantasy formats are contrived, I thought the parameters for this should be loose and easy.

Create a team- from any or all eras, consisting only of national captains!
These can be full time captains or a player that has even led their country for just one game; any cricket format is acceptable.

If you wanted to further specialise, by all means have a ODI captain, a test captain, a side made of captains from just one country etc. The only limitation I place is that the person has at one time or another done the job.

This might help. Enjoy!

stoph verismo



p.s. My all time list is: