Coach K, Can't Seem To Win Them Anymore

Steven J. WardContributor IMarch 10, 2009

   Reality can be a cruel mistress! What in the name of Tobacco Road is going on? Another Sunday night and I sit head in hands while my stomach churns and a strange feeling comes over me.

Could it be? Nah; by any stretch of the imagination a possibility? No-Way! I cannot bring myself to even ask, ask even in the chilly confines of my living room alone, a sad and solitary long time Duke basketball fan who plays and replays those glorious days of Christian Lattner, Bobby Hurley, WoJo and yes Mike Griminski so often the old VCR tape is about to shred amid the present day stresses of redundant failures.

Is our revered Coach K not capable of winning the BIG GAME any-longer? (Oh that hurts) I never imagined ever having to inquire of such nonsense but I must especially on the (tar) heels of Sunday nights loss again to U.N.C. We have to face facts do we not? While the rest of the collegiate basketball universe puts the finishing touches on their well tuned machine it appears the Dukies, our Dukies, struggle to eke out a victory against those far inferior entries into "The Tournament"

When was the last time we didn't look sluggish and out of synch during those early round games? I cannot bring myself to indulge the anti-Dukies  sentiment with the last couple years results but we certainly cannot claim a successful outcome!

What will this years Conference and Tournament season leave us? At the summit of superiority or amid the precipice of disappointment? (again)

I would certainly enjoy the former but sadly expect another listless performance and wallowing in those familiar depths of the latter. Man I hope I'm wrong!