"I am doing something that will change the WWE forever" WM25

Robin RichardsContributor IMarch 10, 2009

JBL says he's going to do something historic at WrestleMania 25. He is currently not scheduled for a match, but he guarantees it will shock WWE fans. As the newly crowned Intercontinental Champion, what slot at Wrestlemania could JBL fill?

Maybe this is another problem with Vince McMahon and his scripts being exposed but surely JBL will be able to back up these big statments,

"Write this down, put it in stone," JBL said on WWE Universe. "I am doing something that will shock the world of wrestling."

Despite his WrestleMania proclamation segment being scratched last week, JBL vows to change WWE. "I am doing something that will change the WWE forever," he said. "Mark my words."

Any ideas?