WWE 13: 5 Dream Matches We'll Only See in the Game

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 12, 2012

WWE 13: 5 Dream Matches We'll Only See in the Game

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    WWE 13 offers a seemingly infinite array of options. Any number of dream matches can become a (virtual) reality.

    Gamers can pit wrestlers from different eras against each other, ignoring the constraints of time and age. Wrestlers who have passed away can live on, giving us a glimpse of what it might be like were they to compete today.

    In the highly anticipated video game, Shawn Michaels is not retired, Bret Hart is still in his prime and Brian Pillman is still flying.

Shawn Michaels vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    The Show Off and The Showstopper, Shawn Michaels and Dolph Ziggler are two of the most exciting in-ring performers ever to walk through those ropes. That combination would be a thrilling match, even if we have to settle for a video-game version.

    Michaels appears to be intent on keeping his word about his retirement. Kudos to him for moving on, something fans are finding it harder to do than he seems to be.

    That means if we want to see Ziggler's superkick vs. Sweet Chin Music and a match full of kipups and headstands, gamers will have to book it themselves.

    Hopefully, WWE 13 captures these two wrestlers' selling ability. Michaels and Ziggler flopping around dramatically would be half the fun.

CM Punk vs. Bret Hart

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    CM Punk and Bret Hart met recently in a Raw ring and talked about what might have happened if Punk had been the one to face Hart in '97.

    While we don't have access to a time machine to discover what that battle would have looked like, playing Punk vs. Bret in a video game is the only alternative we have.

    For a father who favors The Hitman and a son who prefers Punk, this could be a way to settle the debate of who is the best in the world.

Brock Lesnar vs. Stone Cold

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    In 2002, Steve Austin walked away from the WWE in part because of disagreements about creative decisions, namely losing to Brock Lesnar on Raw.

    Fans never got to see that feud go anywhere nor did they ever get a match between the beer-drinking brawler and the monster of a man. There have been rumblings about that match happening at a future WrestleMania, but Austin is so banged up that it can't possibly live up to anyone's expectations.

    WWE 13 is fans' best chance to see this bout. The negative is that it won't be the real thing. On the plus side though, fans will have complete control over it.

    The stipulation, the action and the outcome can all be determined by a controller.

Cactus Jack vs. Mankind: Hell in a Cell

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    Fans are never going to see a repeat of what happened at King of the Ring 1998. That is unless they relive it via WWE 13.

    Pitting two of Mick Foley's personas in a Hell in a Cell match is one of many options for players to toy with. The match, of course, is pure fantasy, but a good time waiting to happen.

    Players can throw each other off the top of the cell as much as they want. Chair shots and weapons can be used with no holding back.

    Those tired of the sterility of the PG Era can revel in the virtual brutality available to them.

    Perhaps even a Dude Love vs. Cactus Jack vs. Mankind Triple Threat match is in order.

Mike Tyson vs. Stone Cold

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    WrestleMania XIV rode the enormous buzz created by Mike Tyson's involvement and that famous face off between him and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    As exciting as it was to have a star like Tyson in the ring, fans knew he wasn't going to give them a full-on match. Why would Tyson take the risks involved with taking bumps?

    WWE 13 allows players to see what might have happened had Tyson went all-in during his WWE stint.

    Who really is the baddest man on the planet? Would Tyson knock out The Rattlesnake or would he suffer a stunner and have to watch Austin celebrate with a couple of cold ones?

    Controllers in hand, WWE fans can have a blast answering those questions.