WWE 13: Subtle Enhancements That Will Resonate with Gaming Community

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIOctober 11, 2012

image from THQ
image from THQ

It is apparent THQ is aware of the feedback from the WWE community, and judging by some of the features included in WWE 13, they attempted to incorporate some aspects of the fans' suggestions.

Some things that I see suggested aren't practical because of legal issues, and/or platform limitations. However, some of the things on WWE gamer's wish lists are right on the money. In a sense, the gaming community helped shape what appears to be a very solid game due to release on October 30.

Obviously, the gameplay will be the final barometer, but from a feature standpoint there were few stones left unturned. We learned about the major overhauls with WWE Universe 3.0 on Monday per THQ. The details of that mode are things fans have been clamoring for, but much of what will dictate the success of this game is in the little things.


Authentic Props, Weapons and Presentation

WWE Games creative director Cory Ledesma tweeted this detail about the Attitude Era mode included in WWE 13:

Little details in #WWE13's Attitude Era Campaign include updating ladder, chair and cage colors to match the historic match being recreated.

— Cory Ledesma (@RealCoryLedesma) October 11, 2012


For those that aren't aware, the Attitude Era mode allows gamers to follow prominent storylines from one of the most successful times in WWE's history. To further capture the authenticity, the details Ledesma mentioned were incorporated into the mode's presentation.

Only the most meticulous WWE super fan would have spotted and called THQ out on this type of omission, but almost any fan can appreciate that detail.

There are some misses in a few of the revealed entrances, but with so many moving parts in a WWE Superstars' ring walk, capturing every detail for every entrance isn't possible. 

Whatever the case, the presentation revealed to this point has been more good than bad. 


Hit Detection

If you've played the recent WWE games you know the hit detection has been a little off. I was happy to see this interview with Aubrey Sitterson of THQ, and to hear that has been addressed. Ledesma talks specifically about this at the 15:20 mark in the video.

We can get caught up in looking at features and awesome screenshots, but if the gameplay isn't tight it won't matter. 

Making this game the total package starts with hit detection. When a punch or kick is thrown the character alignment is important. Having the wrestlers turn to strike an opponent as opposed to throwing a strike the wrong direction only makes sense.

It may not be on the top of all wish lists, but it will definitely draw a good number of complaints.



This is something that some gamers may take for granted. However, when servers are overloaded, or they don't function properly, it can kill the enjoyment of online modes.

It took a while, but ultimately the WWE 12 servers were awesome. It seems this was another major focus for THQ. With the WWE 12 servers vastly improved, it's reasonable to expect the WWE 13 servers to be solid from day one.

That will be a huge boost for the popularity and overall reception of the game. All the wonderful creations gamers come up with will be shared as the feature intended.



If these three aspects of the game are as good as they appear to be, this could very well be the best WWE video game ever made.


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