Kansas State Mascot Does a Little Dance, Kicks Kid in Face

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 11, 2012

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage
Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

Beware, you little kids of the world. It seems there is a wave of adults who are accidentally knocking you to the ground, and it's becoming quite the problem. 

First up is a dance spotted by Busted Coverage. It seems the Kansas State mascot was doing his best to share some cheer with the young fans out there. 

He busts out some odd move and, in the end, manages to kick a little kid in the face. 

Never stare at the sun, always look both ways when you cross the street and never stand anywhere near a mascot.

Stick to those and you should escape childhood without too many blemishes. 

As Busted Coverage notes, the link to the video has since gone private, but a magical GIF remains of the unfortunate moment. 

Willie the Wildcat isn't the only one to get in on the awful action. 

There is this video spotted by Big Lead Sports which features a real go-getter of a dad who wants to show his little one how to defend the net. 

The video starts with dear ol' dad showing off his ball-handling moves before striking the ball with the force of a man who just played too many hours of FIFA 13

The poor kid has no chance to get out of the way and is bonked in the head. 

Look, kids are going to get scrapes and bruises all on their own. The balance of a toddler lends to such things. 

They hardly need any help from overzealous fathers or mascots with no sense of their surroundings. 

Kids, please steer clear of mascots. Which is really good advice for any age group, really. 


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