Oklahoma Sooners' Bob Stoops Features in Awful 'OU Anthem'

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 11, 2012

The music video "OU Anthem" is everything you want in a program celebration anthem...if you happen to root for any team but the Oklahoma Sooners. 

Here is a video produced by RomanMedia.tv and is the "official" music video of the Oklahoma Sooners, via the YouTube description. 

That makes Oklahoma officially awful. 

You might disagree with me, and I encourage you to tell me why in the section below. Instead of me listing off all the reasons this thing is ridiculous, we will flip the script. 

This time, you will defend this abomination of anthems. 

Is it the MC who looks and sounds like he is some long-lost Wahlberg sibling? Was it the gloves he is wearing with the fingers cut off? Is that what did it for you?

No, it has to be the lyrics:

"Academics through the roof, mad hoops, its true
we got everything here but you."

Or maybe it's the two times Bob Stoops shows up with a "I can't believe I agreed to this" look on his face. Those would be at the :46 second mark and the 1:40 mark. 

They really milked the four seconds they were allowed to film Stoops. 

Really, the best part of this music video is the 1:59 mark when it all fades to black. I suggest starting there. 

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