Don Frye: 'Dan Henderson Is an A**hole'

Jordy McElroy@ IOctober 11, 2012

Don Frye - Esther Lin/Shark Fights
Don Frye - Esther Lin/Shark Fights

Don Frye isn't much of a Dan Henderson fan these days.

The candid MMA legend was spotted watching the K-1 World Grand Prix in Los Angeles a few weeks ago.

When approached by Spencer Lazara of MMAinterviews.TV, Frye was asked if he cheers for fighters like Henderson, a fellow UFC and Pride legend.

His answer was rather unexpected and blunt to say the least.

"No, I think Dan Henderson is an a**hole," Frye said. "I went on a UFO [sic] tour with him over to Afghanistan back in '07, and I found he could be a complete a**hole."

Frye refused to elaborate on his comments.

At 42 years of age, Henderson is still considered one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the world. He was slated to challenge Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 151, but an injury forced him to withdraw from the bout.

Frye's comments cleared up earlier remarks made by him in an interview with back in April, when he was asked to give his take on Jones vs. Henderson:

"[Dan Henderson] doesn't have a [expletive] chance. [Don Frye stands a chance] if he got off his lazy ass. I said this about a year ago about the same question. [Jones] is going to run the gamut in the light heavyweight division until he goes to the heavyweight division."

Frye has been quite the topic of controversy as of late due to comments he made about UFC President Dana White and fighter pay. He now seems to be taking shots at Henderson.

Is it all a ploy to stay relevant in the sport?

Frye is 0-2 in his last couple of fights and he hasn't fought since December 2011.

He's obviously in the twilight of his career, but it isn't fair to completely overlook his comments.

What happened in Afghanistan between Frye and Henderson to create such animosity?

Does Henderson even care at this point?

It's been a long time since Frye has been considered relevant in the sport, and the MMA community seems to be growing tired of his bickering.

For now, fans will probably side with Henderson.