Triple H Crossed the Line by Breaking Into Randy Orton's Home: My Thoughts

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 10, 2009

What Triple H did this past Monday Night was inexcusable. Often times in wrestling, feuds tend to blow up and Superstars begin to take things a little bit too personal.

Triple H thinks that he has a reason to be upset and I'll be damned if that is going to be used as some sort of justification for what he did on Raw.

Again, let me make one thing very clear. I realize that all of this was scripted and my criticismis are as fictional as the staged break-in. Never the less, it is my fair and honest analysis after judging the events of Raw in a realistic fashion.

Now, where was I?

Triple H thinks that he is the victim. He is under the impression that he has some right to revenge after all the things Randy Orton has done to him and his family. Well you know what?

No Triple H, you have no right to revenge and no right to be angry.

Let me ask you something, who really started all of this?

Does Triple H actually think that Randy Orton has instigated any of this? If he does than he might very well be as stupid as he looks.

It was Triple H who first turned on Randy Orton in 2004. Orton had supported The Game from day one but it was Triple H's greed and ego (not Randy Orton's) that motivated him to turn on his former Evolution member and beat the life out of him for absolutely no reason.

Funny how the same people that sympathized with Orton five years ago are the same people feeling pity for Triple H today. For no other reason beyond the fact that Randy Orton turned heel and Triple H turned face.

So now I guess Triple H is the innocent victim now.

Triple H casted the first stone by betraying Orton and causing him great physical harm without any legitimate cause. He should not be the least bit surprised that Orton has held a grudge.

But let's analyze exactly what Randy Orton has done to infuriate Triple H.

Was it punting Triple H's good friend Batista in the skull?

Well, Batista had an issue with Randy Orton "bad mouthing Evolution" as if Orton didn't have the right. It was Batista right along side Triple H who initiated a beat down of Randy Orton in the first place. Batista turned on Orton and also casted the first stone.

Batista deserved what he got and should be grateful Orton didn't cause him even more bodily harm.

I've gathered that Triple H is angry with Orton for punting his father-in-law, Vince McMahon.

I got news for you, Randy Orton would have never laid a finger on Mr. McMahon had Vince not insulted him and insulted his father. Randy Orton would have never harmed Vince McMahon had he not threatened to fire him without just cause.

Don't try to tell me he had just cause either.

Everything Orton said about Stephanie McMahon was true and he did deserve an apology for being slapped in the face. Threatening to fire Orton just because he wanted an apology, but later refused to do so was not just cause.

Then we have Shane McMahon.

Shane too would have never been hurt had he not put his hands on Orton first. He would have never been punted in the head had he not demanded yet another encounter with Orton.

Shane's stupidity is what put him on out of commission.

Most of all however, Triple H is angry because Randy Orton hit the RKO on his wife, Stephanie McMahon. Of course, I would never condone any real-life assault of a woman but within the storyline, Stephanie was the first to lay her hands on Orton.

Randy Orton would have never even thought of hitting her with the RKO had she not slapped him and instigated the chaos to begin with.

Yes, it was an overreaction on Orton's part but it was an overreaction that was brought upon by Stephanie's inability to keep her hands to her self.

Randy Orton did not want to face Triple H at Wrestlemania but Triple H was the one stupid enough to insist. The pain would have been over for Triple H had he not insulted Orton right to his face. That is why Orton tried to get underneath Triple H's skin by gloating about the people he's harmed.

Triple H was hurt on Smackdown after he initiated a threat.

He told Randy Orton that he was going to "break his neck". I do not think Randy Orton beating him down (without punting or RKO'ing him) on Smackdown was overboard considering the threat that Triple H made on Raw.

Randy Orton is guilty of one thing and one thing only. Overreaction.

His outbursts of anger have led him to do more harm that he ever intended. Yet, that is what happens when you provoke a person with a dangerous disorder. None of these people would have been harmed had they not caused trouble with Orton in the first place.

What Triple H did this past Monday night has no valid justification.

He broke into Randy Orton's home and attempted to assault him with a deadly weapon.

Randy Orton has never taken any of this business out of the arena. Triple H brought the chaos to Orton's door-step and could have hurt innocent people in the process.

Triple H got in the face of Randy Orton's scared wife and yelled at her.

That Triple H, was crossing the line. I do not want to hear some justification for this by referring to how Randy Orton RKO'ed Stephanie McMahon.

Samantha Orton never slapped Triple H.

Samantha Orton did not instigate a damn thing, yet Triple H felt justified in terrifying an innocent woman. Do not compare Randy Orton's wife with Triple H's. Stephanie McMahon is a former WWE Women's Champion and Samantha Orton is a caring house-wife.

They are not the same kind of people.

Triple H just set a horrible example for all of his young fans. He's essentially telling people that it is okay to break into someone's home if they make you angry enough. He's sending a message that trying to hurt someone with a weapon while scaring women is okay.

Triple H should be ashamed of himself. He deserved to be arrested.

Even worse for him is that he has finally given Randy Orton a reason to be angry.

Think about it.

All of Orton's vicious and remorseless actions have happened after he was provoked, they've happened in the spur of the moment.

If Orton was willing to punt Triple H's father and brother in laws in the head and RKO his wife when it was them who were looking for trouble, what do you think he is going to do to the man who broke into his home and intimidated his wife?

If you thought that Triple H was running on borrowed time before, he now better hope that the police keep him in jail because what ever happens to him in there will pail in comparison to what will happen to him if he steps foot in a WWE arena.

Bottom line, Triple H is in trouble.

Now before I close this article, I want to reiterate that my opinions and views expressed are of a fictional nature.

I'm criticizing the fictional world of the WWE in defense of my favorite wrestler so please, take what I've said with a grain of salt. This article is for entertainment and not meant to be a personal attack against Triple H or anyone else mentioned in the article.

Thank you.


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