Kobe Bryant Is Obviously Irate over Alex Rodriguez Being Pulled for Raul Ibanez

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 11, 2012

Photo Credit: Elite Daily
Photo Credit: Elite Daily

Kobe Bryant is sticking up for Alex Rodriguez.

Because, you know, millionaire athletes have to stick together. 

If you happen to find yourself by a computer machine or have one of those smart phones we hear are all the rage, you might have heard about Alex Rodriguez being pulled in Wednesday night's game for Raul Ibanez, only to see Ibanez hit game-tying and game-winning home runs. 

Well, it's true. 

Ibanez hit a 12th-inning walk-off homer, instead of A-Rod, and there was one person who was pretty upset about it all. 

And it wasn't Rodriguez.

Rather, his good buddy Kobe Bryant—who also happens to get a few chances to shine in the clutch himself—was the one fuming. 

ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi (h/t NJ.com) caught up with the Black Mamba after Wednesday's Game 3 and had these remarks via Twitter:

Kobe, a Yankee fan, didn't crack a smile when told of the Yankees finish tonight. He considers A-Rod a good friend.

— Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) October 11, 2012

Actually, it seems Mr. Mamba was ready to get on the phone with his BFF.

Kobe on the Yankees finish: "I don't like that. That's not good for the chemistry of the team. I'm going to have to call A-Rod."

— Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) October 11, 2012

Not good for team chemistry? I will tell you what's bad for team morale—watching Rodriguez continue to whiff seemingly every at-bat. 

He is currently 1-for-12 in the series. 

But we all get where Kobe is coming from. He is heading down the final turn of his prolific career, just like Rodriguez, and he can almost envision a game where he fails to get the last shot. 

We are just glad we found one person in the entire world willing to stick up for Alex Rodriguez.

We were beginning to think they are extinct. 


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