WWE: Why Jerry Lawler Would Be a Better Fit on SmackDown

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistOctober 11, 2012


The WWE Universe is incredibly happy that Jerry Lawler's progress—after unfortunately having a heart attack during an episode of Raw—is going very well. He will receive an amazing (and well-deserved) pop when he returns to Raw in Memphis.

But let's face it—the commentary team the past few weeks has been gold.

Michael Cole, Jim Ross and JBL are an amazing trio.

Cole, as the anchor doing the play-by-play, Ross, with his classic and exciting match-calling and JBL, with his great history lessons that can make even Yoshi Tatsu look like a megastar and his heelish comments.

Imagine him saying—regarding Yoshi Tatsu—"Former Japan Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion." "Former Asian Express Wrestling Triple Crown winner." "Former Eastern Hemisphere Wrestling Global Heavyweight Champion."

These are of course phantom promotions, but JBL has something for everyone.

Jim Ross is exactly what Raw needs to make Ryback a star.

Did you see how crazy Raw was at the end when Ryback came to the ring?The commentary by JR when Ryback clotheslined CM Punk was amazing. It was also a good decision for the camera to shake as well.

Respectfully, Jerry Lawler would be a much better fit on SmackDown.

Since Booker T is no longer commentating, the pairing of Michael Cole and Josh Matthews is quite odd, and does nothing to further cause intrigue to the already lackluster SmackDown we have seen as of late.

Even Vince McMahon himself has make disparaging remarks concerning Matthews' commentary (h/t 411mania.com).

This wouldn't be a knock to Lawler.

We know he is a Raw guy, but so was JR before he was drafted to SmackDown. Lawler as an addition to the SmackDown team would definitely bring a boost to the subpar team that already exists.

Lawler could still have his spot on pay-per-views, along with JR and Cole.

Do you think SmackDown would be a better fit for Jerry Lawler? Civilly Comment below.


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