Are USC Trojans Jumping on Bandwagon with Possible New Matte Black Helmets?

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 11, 2012

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First, it was the socks and then it was the cleats. Now there is a chance that USC could switch from the cardinal and gold and go with black helmets. 

Wait, what?

A tipster emailed what is allegedly an Instagramed photo of a student assistant to USC's equipment manager wearing a brand spanking new matte black helmet. The photo is captioned “Playing with prototypes at work” and is tagged at the USC Heritage Hall.

Check them out for yourself, but it is important to know that there is no official word on whether or not these are real. So regardless if you like the new look or not, don't expect to see Matt Barkley wearing a black lid anytime soon until we hear an official announcement on how authentic these actually are.

As you see, there is a picture of an updated version of the current helmet that features a shinier look and darker-toned face mask. But forget about that for a second; it is the black helmet that should receive all of the attention, as this opens up the idea to a bunch of other possibilities.

I personally am a huge fan of black uniforms, black helmets, black jerseys and anything else with the color black on a wardrobe. But this is the same school that broke out black socks last season and you would have thought the NCAA was trying to take away more Heisman Trophies and national championships.

Head coach Lane Kiffin said in May of last year that the school would not shy away from traditional colors and will stick with cardinal and gold, according to Michael Lev of the Orange County Register.

“I don’t feel any need to change our uniforms based on Oregon, what they do. That doesn’t register with me,” Kiffin said. “We always want to be cutting edge as far as materials … but not as far as the colors.”

Although, before the season started, it was announced that there were a few minor changes made to the jersey and that the players would wear new cleats instead of the traditional black.

A black helmet certainly looks good with just about anything, especially the current colors that USC wears, as the black really makes the logo pop on the rest of the helmet. But with some of the current changes that have already been made to USC apparel, you would think this subject would have been kept under wraps more than it was.

Maybe USC is finally starting to give in to switching things up, as many schools have already done. Or maybe this is just two students having a little bit of extra time on their hands and wanted to draw some attention on a slow afternoon.

Regardless, this is sure to make you wonder what the Trojans have up their sleeve as far as uniform changes in the future.