JBL Makes Good on "I Will Make History" Claim: Becomes 8th Grand Slam Champion

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 10, 2009

This is an accomplishment that only seven men in WWE have done before. Only seven men have been crowned "Grand Slam Champions". In order obtain this honor, a superstar must win a World championship, Tag Team championship, Intercontinental championship, and the European championship.

Last night, JBL became a Grand Slam champion be capturing the last belt he needed for the feat, the Intercontinental championship. Reaching this milestone is nearly impossible now that the European championship is no longer used. The U.S. championship isn't offered as a substitute or alternative like the World Tag Team titles and World Heavyweight titles are.

With that said, JBL had to wait five years after capturing the WWE championship to capture the last needed belt. Since there are alternatives only five of the now eight men won them under the original definition, meaning no alternatives. JBL is one of those men.

Am I happy on this. It doesn't matter to me, but the milestone would be great for any wrestler. Punk fans are probably raging right about now. I can't say I feel sorry for Punk, as I believe he isn't as great as everyone cuts him out to be.

Sorry fans, but JBL being crowned champ might be a good thing...at least for now. As of now there are only two superstars in the WWE who can become grand slam champions. Those men are Raw's William Regal, and ECW's Christian. Captain Charisma might have a small shot for the feat, but sorry Regal.