Boston Bruins: Hiccups to Be Expected

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IMarch 9, 2009

It is true that the Boston Bruins have not played very well as of late. It is true that at times the Bruins have looked abysmal and disoriented on the ice. And it is also true that there are less than 20 games remaining in the NHL season. Here’s a word to the wise, Bruins fans: do not be flustered by the recent play of your team; it’s normal.

The Bruins are experiencing what many good teams experience during the season by slightly losing focus down the stretch. After the strongest start in over a decade, the B's are feeling the effects of injuries and lack of chemistry; the same chemistry that has gotten them to the point where they are today.  

After the B’s 4-3 loss in Tampa Bay, Head Coach Claude Julien said in a statement on that they’re headed in the right direction.

“We’ve got to work our way back to where we were,” said Julien.

“It took us a month to really slip and it’s probably going to take a month to get back to where we want to be.”

Julien now has the tough task of repairing the offense of a team that has dropped to sixth in the league in power play success and fifth in overall scoring, according to Julien, however, is optimistic about his team’s progress.

“If the effort is like that, night after night, we’re going to be able to get back on track.”