Don't Overreact to USC Trojans Already Selling Tickets to Pac-12 Title Game

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Don't Overreact to USC Trojans Already Selling Tickets to Pac-12 Title Game
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Wednesday, the folks over at Yahoo! Dr. Saturday posted a quick blurb on the University of Southern California Trojans pre-selling tickets to the Pac-12 Conference Championship. A conference championship game that would be hosted by the Trojans in the Coliseum. How arrogant and assuming of USC, a school that's not even leading the Pac-12 South at this juncture, right? I mean, that's just like something that smug little punk Lane Kiffin would do, right?

Meh, pardon me for not sharing in your remarkably petty and incredibly stupid vitriolic response to the pre-sales.

For starters, it's a pre-sale, and as is clearly stated, if the Trojans do not host the event then the money will be refunded in full. That means if they don't win the South, no big deal you get your money back. If they win the South, but don't get the right to host, cool deal, you get your cash back.

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This is merely another, relatively standard practice, that folks are using as a way to justify their pre-existing hatred for USC, Trojans' football and Lane Kiffin. If that's your end-game, then there was never really anything that was going to make you happy.

Ultimately, who cares if they have public or private pre-sales? It is not going to change the outcome of games. It is not going to make USC better. It isn't going to give your team a better shot at beating USC. It is not going to make USC play better against Oregon in November. It will not make you hate Lane Kiffin less.

The fact of the matter is the pre-sales are directed at the only people that matter; USC fans who want to put a down payment on the possibility of going to a Pac-12 Championship Game in the Coliseum. If they want to put the money up early to secure their spot then so be it.

Perhaps it is because you're new at this Pac-12. Or maybe it's because with your game that moves from site to site, you're not sure how it works. The league wants tickets to be sold early. This isn't a school event, it's a conference event and the more pre-sales they have to rely on fewer mid to late November sales. Late surges are nice, but pre-sales put money in the bank early and that's something you can count on.

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