WWE: Why Kane Is the Last True Legend on the Roster

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistOctober 11, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

While guys like John Cena and CM Punk will probably one day be looked at as two of the greatest superstars in WWE history, they still have some time left before they reach legendary status. One wrestler who has already gotten to that point, though, is Kane.

At 45 years of age, most professional wrestlers are either retired, working on the independent scene or operating on a limited schedule at the very least. That isn't the case with Kane, however, as he continues to be an incredibly important part of the WWE roster despite the fact that he recently celebrated his 15-year anniversary with the company.

In fact, if you count Kane's failed personas of Isaac Yankem and Fake Diesel, he has actually been a part of the WWE since 1995. Kane has pretty much seen and done it all within the company over all those years, and when you consider the fact that most of the other remaining Attitude Era stars are part-timers, it's tough to deny that Kane is the last remaining legend on the active roster.

The likes of The Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock and Chris Jericho are all legends in their own right, but they make periodic appearances throughout the year and can't truly be considered active wrestlers. Kane, on the other hand, is there night in and night out on RAW, SmackDown, pay-per-views and even house shows, and that shows how dedicated he is.

Kane realizes how much he has meant to the WWE over the years and how valuable he remains to this day, and that is the true mark of a legend. Perhaps he isn't as decorated as some of the aforementioned legends in terms of world championship reigns, but he has done everything asked of him and has excelled in every role imaginable.

Just when it seemed like Kane couldn't evolve any more than he already has, he managed to do it again by partnering with Daniel Bryan to win the Tag Team Championships. Kane made his return last year under his original monster heel persona, but that didn't work out, so he was given a comedic, psychotic gimmick and he managed to make it into one of the most entertaining things in wrestling today.

If a wrestler is going to be considered a legend, then he can't be a one-trick pony, and Kane has shown over the years that he has a ton to offer. From monster heel to monster face to comedy act and everything in between, Kane has filled many voids for the WWE in the last 15 years, and he continues to do so today.

Kane is the longest-tenured regular superstar remaining on the roster by far, and although his spot in WWE history is already cemented, he continues to add to it with each passing day. There are few guys in the company or even the business as a whole who are universally respected, but I believe that Kane most definitely is.

Some fans can't stand the PG programming that the WWE utilizes today as they yearn for the return of the Attitude Era, and while that isn't likely to come to fruition anytime soon, Kane is essentially the final remaining link to the golden age of professional wrestling. He's a rare breed and he is someone who should be admired for what he has done for the WWE.

There are many younger guys on the current roster who could one day be called a legend by peers and fans alike, but there is only one superstar who fits that description right now. It's impossible to say how much longer Kane can compete an elite level, but we should enjoy him while we still can because he is the last of an era and the last of the wrestling legends.


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